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The Latest News Concerning HYPER Japan

HYPER Japan's 2022 edition will take place between the dates of 22.07.2022 and 24.07.2022. The face-to-face event will be hosted at Olympia London. Currently, the UK has lifted the travel limitations. Yet, participants should note that wearing face masks in areas such as the exhibition halls is highly encouraged. 


HYPER Japan is a unique international trade show that’s open to the public. On one hand, it’s a consumer-driven event where vendors are able to make direct sales to Japanese enthusiasts, who are immersed in the country’s pop culture. On the other, it’s also a cultural exchange platform where organisations and municipalities from Japan can promote the country and highlight unique, traditional arts and culture. Visitors are able to experience Japan through all their senses in a fun and colorful environment. HYPER Japan is a fairly recent event with its first edition back in 2010 and in that time has come to be a massive showcase of Japanese products. Product categories are wide in range - goods, traditional art, fashion, games, and kawaii products, foods and snacks, next generation of technology, handmade items, antiques, cute accessories and souvenirs. HYPER Japan creates the perfect conditions to boost sales leads, online visibility and brand recognition.


HYPER Japan has two editions per year: the summer edition takes place around July, followed by the autumn edition, usually held during November. Both editions last about three days and are held at different venues around London, UK. During the past two years, Olympia London has served as the hosting venue and admission is given to the public. The organiser of HYPER Japan is Cross Media with generous support from the Tokyo head office of Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd and ASOBISYSTEM, Co., Ltd. Working hours are from 13:00 pm until 20:00 pm during the first day, 09:00 am – 14:30 pm and 15:00 pm – 20:00 pm during the second day, and 09:00 am – 17:00 pm on the third day. Commuting to the Olympia London exhibition centre is a simple task as the exhibition grounds are closely located to the Kensington railway station, from where you’re able to catch any form of train there is in London.

What Can You Expect as an Exhibitor?

  • HYPER Japan introduces supply to demand within a broad range of product categories and establishes strong connections between retailers and manufacturers, and end consumers – the fascination with Japanese traditional and pop culture is defined as passionate, so you’re in a good position to move product off shelves;
  • HYPER Japan gains further media attention and legitimacy through the participation of local Japanese businesses (for instance Japanese sake producers) and the involvement of a good number of Japanese institutions like the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO);
  • HYPER Japan offers exhibitors a lot of opportunity to add interactivity at the event – one of the most popular features along the culinary track are the ever popular cooking demos. Sushi restaurants in London can also further boost their prestige by competing for the big Sushi Awards.

Audience & Statistics

HYPER Japan generates impressive foot traffic during both its editions, which remain consistent over the years. The summer edition is always more popular and is visited by roughly 80,000 people on average, while the autumn edition sees around 50,000 visitors. Entry is for everyone, so HYPER Japan has an eclectic mix of people – families with children, cosplayers, professionals involved in the anime and manga industries, and pop culture enthusiasts. The majority of which are British by nationality, but the show also attracts visitors from all over Europe to take part in the event. There are a lot of different kinds of exhibitors – games and anime, kawaii and fashion, traditional and culture, food and drink.


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