Exhibitions in Wadebridge, UK for Food & Drink

Thanks to its location in the heart of Cornwall, Wadebridge maintains an active food and drinks industry, especially in the realm of agri-food. Farming has been the way of life here for centuries and the town is host to the prestigious Royal Cornwall Show. The show has been going for close to two hundred years and honors the region’s agricultural heritage while also embracing exciting forward-thinking ventures. The town’s showground transforms into a vibrant hub of livestock competitions, fresh produce, local delicacies and innovative ideas shaping the future of farming. Since 1827, the Royal Cornwall Show has been a cornerstone of rural life, and its tradition shines through in the heart of the event – animal competitions. From majestic cattle and goats to rare breeds and beehives, visitors witness the dedication and expertise of Cornish farmers firsthand. But the show doesn't stop at tradition. Innovation takes center stage with the Duke of Cornwall’s Award, recognizing farms that successfully diversify their operations. Past winners include a charming thatched cafe, a vibrant bakery and even a farm-based education service, showcasing the diverse paths agriculture can take. Of course, it’s local food and drinks manufacturers, who get the most out of the show as they’re able to connect to their audience directly and promote local flavors. There’s fresh-picked produce straight from the farms, artisan cheeses and chutneys, and locally brewed beers and ciders. The region is famous for its baked goods, the Cornish pasty being one of the UK’s most recognizable and beloved pastries, and seafood. It’s here that consumers are able to experience the farm-to-table food items and enjoy clean eating. For local farmers and producers, the Royal Cornwall Show is the heart of their whole operation!

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