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Taste of London

Taste of London

London, UK
Food & Beverage, Wines
Taste Festivals Limited
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Event website:
Taste of London
6 months

Taste of London Covid-19 Update

The 2022 edition of Taste of London will take place between 15.06.2022 - 19.06.2022. The event will be held as a live festival. The newest Covid-19 prevention measures will be put in place, including the 3G admittance regulation. All participants must produce evidence that they are not Covid-19 transmitters before entry. Papers like vaccination travel documents can verify such a health status.


Taste of London excites food enthusiasts and galvanizes the culinary industry in London like no other food-centric festival in the country. This major international food festival curates the best of the best in terms of restaurants and chefs in one place for visitors to establish. The core of Taste of London lies in the mini-kitchens from different restaurants and chef demonstrations, but it’s not as rustic as it sounds. Visitors can experience fine dining at the highest level possible thanks to the presence of Michelin starred restaurants. The wealth of flavors and culinary traditions has no equal and it’s why it has been distinguished as the Best Consumer Show in 2012 at the Exhibition News Awards. Taste of London has been brining smiles to food enthusiasts and culinary professionals since 2004 and restaurant owners have much to gain from exhibiting here. They are able to connect with their audience directly.


Taste of London is under the management of Taste Festivals and is the first of many food festivals based in countries all over the world. Some of the cities to host a ‘Taste of’ event include Athens, Edinburgh, Milan, Abu Dhabi, Moscow and Sydney. Taste of London occurs twice a year. First in June over the course of five days and then a festive edition held in November for four days. The exhibition grounds are also different. Regent’s Park hosts in June and the East London’s Tobacco Dock takes over in November. The festival is scheduled within sessions with the opening and closing days having one session and the days in between having two with an hour and a half in between. Both locations are in central areas of London that have good connections to public transport, so there are multiple options to reach it. 

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor

  • Taste of London acts as a speed dating event meant for foodies to discover their next hot and beloved dining experience, and you are able to connect with diners in an informal way. You serve small dishes as calling cards and receive great food traffic;
  • Taste of London also offers a significant publicity push with a feature on their website, but more importantly the newsletters, which have a readership of more than 100,000 people – an incredible opportunity to raise visibility for yourself twice per year.
  • Taste of London hits that incredible balance between trade and end consumers. If you’re an exhibitor who offers artisanal goods, you’re in a perfect position to generate sales leads, grow your professional network and sell out your inventory over the course of the festival.

Audience & Statistics

Taste of London is a food festival first and foremost, which means that it’s geared towards general public attendance. The June edition in Regent’s Park is definitely the bigger earner with more than 50,000 visitors that attend, while the November edition in East London’s Tobacco Dock registers 28,000 visitors and counting. The majority of visitors are Londoners, but the Taste of London is certainly a beacon for the rest of the UK and a tourist draw for foodies from the rest of Europe and even further away. Chef demonstrations are a key part of programming so naturally this attracts press members and food critics, while the artisan markets draw in not just the general public but also bigger commercial buyers.


Trade Fair Trips ltd understands how important it is to book the right hotel accommodation for exhibitions and works with you to achieve the highest results. We tailor your online hotel booking for Taste of London according to your preference and price range. Budget restrictions are not a big challenge for us as we maintain good working relations with hotels at every price point, and we can deliver economy comfort and luxury class. You always get the most affordable hotel rates for Taste of London. Logistics are also important, which is why we seek out venues that are close to either Regent’s Park or East London’s Tobacco Dock. Trade Fair Trips ltd has a lot more to often its clients. Clients often complement our accommodation with other services. We are here to build your exhibition booth ahead of the festival. Tell us what you need and we’ll get it done.

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