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One of Europe's most renown food and beverage events

SALON GOURMETS earns itself the reputation as THE international exhibition for high-class gastronomy and delicatessen, bringing the entire world into one single event. Come to showcase your best product or taste unimaginable flavors. Current estimations place the number of exhibitors at over 1390 and the number of attendees at over 80,000. Best everyone to the best prices for hotels and turn to Trade Fair Trips ltd. 

Demand nothing but the very best and receive it in a single day courtesy of Trade Fair Trips ltd. We tailor your accommodation for SALON GOURMETS to your budget and trust us, when we say we’ve worked with both start-ups and established corporations. Tell us a price and we’ll make sure you make killer savings. Invest your resources where they belong - SALON GOURMETS. After all, you have to compete with over 35,000 products on display. Play your cards right and you have the chance to enter into lucrative partnerships with big buyers in new markets.

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SALON GOURMETS 2024 will take place in April 2024. IFEMA Madrid is preparing to host the delicatessen exhibition from 22.04.2024 to 25.04.2024. The event will occur as a face-to-face exhibition. Attendees should note that the venue will not have Covid-19 safety measures in place due to the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions. 

Salon Gourmets 2021

Between 18.10.2021 and 21.10.2021, the Salon Gourmets took place. The event was held as a face-to-face exhibition at IFEMA - Feria de Madrid. To ensure the participants' safety, the venue was outfitted with strict Covid-19 safety measures. At the 2021 edition, 1,548 exhibitors showcased 37,000 high-quality products to 74,914 trade visitors.

Salon Gourmets 2022

Salon Gourmets 2022 occurred as a live event between 25.04.2022 and 28.04.2022. The edition received around 1,600 exhibitors, 120 hosted buyers from 38 countries and approximately 70,000 trade visitors. To ensure their safety, IFEMA - Feria MAdrid featured strict Covid-19 safety measures such as mandatory face masks.

Salon Gourmets 2023

Salon Gourmets's 2023 edition was a live trade show that took place at the IFEMA. The event took place between 17.04.2023 and 20.04.2023 and did not implement Covid-19 safety measures. This was due to the country removing its pandemic-related restrictions. Salon Gourmets 2023 was attended by over 2,000 exhibitors and 116,257 visitors. The exhibiting group presented 55,000 products including 1,500 novel wares and resulted in the generation of 200 million Euro.

Salon Gourmets 2024

Salon Gourmets 2024 was a live trade fair hosted between the dates 22.04.2024 and 25.04.2024 in IFEMA Madrid. It was attended by 1,980 exhibitors who presented over 55,000 wares (including more than 1,300 new ones) to 106,923 visitors.

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