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Vinitaly 2023 Update

Vinitaly is slowly returning to hosting live events. Veronafiere has announced that the international trade fair for wines and spirits will return in full form as a live edition in the spring of 2023. The dates are set for April 2nd – April 5th and the location, as always, is the Fiera Verona in Verona, Italy. Because of the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions, the venue will not feature Covid-19 safety measures.


Any professional in the viniculture and wine industry have heard of Vinitaly and attend this trade fair celebrating the beauty of wine. The international event has a long history – half a century under its belt to be precise – and is regarded as the largest wine platform in the world. The first Vinitaly edition occurred back in 1967 and was a small event back when it was called Italian Wine Days. Perhaps the biggest draw for a wine maker is the access to the entire market on a global scale and the potential to grow your business directly. Take advantage of technical tastings and the in-depth conferences, forums and seminars to gain full understanding of the market today and where it’s going. Vinitaly continuously changes and this is reflected in the addition of a zone highlighting the work done in bio wines and the addition of a sub-exhibition called Enolitech dedicated to the technological supply chain applied to wine-growing.


Vinitaly arrives every single year in Verona, Italy when summer first gets going as editions are set for the middle of June. Editions are organised by Veronafiere and last for a total of four days. The international wine fair opens its doors to both professional visitors and the general public at Fiera Verona. Opening times are from 09:30 am in the morning until 18:30 pm in the late afternoon, but be sure to check again as there may be changes made on the day itself. The exhibition grounds are connected to the Verona Sud exit on the Venice-Milan motorway, which makes the location perfect to access by cars. If you prefer public transport to get by, there’s the Verona Porta Nuova Railway Station located near the gates. Fiera Verona is also serviced by four different bus lines, which connect you to the city at large.

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor 

Exhibitors can gain further visibility at Vinitaly thanks to the innovative digital catalogue, which is a portal available for visitors to research labels and make selections;

If you’re trying to make an impact in the organic market, then direct your attention to the newest addition to the fair format – Vinitalybio, which is brought to you by the Italian Federation of Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture;

Another sign of growth for Vinitaly is the expansion of the product portfolio to products that are related to the wine industry. Vinitaly Design showcases the best and newest for accessories, furniture for wine cellars and wine bars. It’s the ideal place for members of the horeca sectors. 

Audience & Statistics 

Vinitaly has achieved its success in no small part thanks to the patronage of and partnership with ITA, MIPAAF, BANCO PM, AGSM and even Volkswagen. The wine trade fair certainly earns its reputation as the top procurement platform for the wine and spirits industry. Organisers report an influx of 125,000 visitors from all over the world, out of which some 33,000 are selected and accredited buyers. The competition is also quite fierce given there are 4600 exhibitors showcasing their products to an engaged and interested audience with the budget to buy. On top of all of this, Vinitaly hosts further 400 events all dedicated to wine. It’s the perfect opportunity to gain brand recognition and pierce new markets. Markets you will see represented include Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, Argentina, France, South Africa, Spain, Venezuela, Moldova, Chile, Peru, Santo Domingo, the United Kingdom, Macedonia and Lebanon.


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Previous Renditions


Vinitaly 2022 took place as a face-to-face trade show at the Veronafiere between the dates 10.04.2022 and 13.04.2022. The edition set a new worldwide attendance record, with 28 percent of participants being from nations other than Italy. The show was attended by 139 countries, with an estimated 88,000 operators in attendance.

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