Exhibitions in Arezzo, Italy for Clocks

Arezzo has always had strong ties to the clock and watchmaking industry in Italy as the historic city boasts centuries-long lineages of artists and artisans working within a variety of industries. Watchmaking has been historically integral to the rise of prominence of this idyllic city. One of the biggest local legends traces back to the Salmi family, who in 1816 shed a goldsmith’s workshop known as Prosperi. Watchmaking followed decades of growth and mythmaking. What began as a modest endeavor soon blossomed into a renowned destination for luxury purchases in the city. Mario Prosperi, a visionary in his own right, propelled the family business forward by expanding its offerings to include exquisite timepieces sourced from the most esteemed Swiss companies. In the pursuit of perpetuating the family legacy, engineer Prosperi sought collaboration with the Polinori family, who brought their expertise from the luxury sector. This strategic partnership breathed new life into the business, preparing it to meet the challenges of its third century of existence. Today, Prosperi's shop stands as an oasis of elegance in the historic center of Arezzo, nestled within the grand Palazzo Bacci on Corso Italia. Prosperi is where customers can buy some of the most high-end timepieces in the country. But the story of Arezzo’s watchmaking industry would not be complete without UnoAErre – a goldsmith, jewelry and watchmaking company founded in 1926 by Leopoldo Gori and Carlo Zucchi. Known for its impeccable craftsmanship and timeless designs, UnoAErre has become a household name synonymous with luxury and sophistication. In 1988, UnoAErre expanded its offerings by opening a museum, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the company’s rich history and most celebrated models. From intricate timepieces to dazzling jewelry, the museum offers a glimpse into the artistry and skill that have defined UnoAErre for nearly a century.

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