Exhibitions in Vicenza, Italy for Clocks

When it comes to artisanal crafts, Italy has grown a remarkable reputation for skill, quality and diversity. It seems each city has its own star artisan, who has left their unique mark on their craft, and the same goes for clocks and other timepieces. The watchmaking industry in Vicenza twines itself with the Soprana family. For years, the Soprana family has dedicated itself to promoting the cultural heritage of watchmaking and old jewelry through organizing public events, exhibitions and publications. Founded in 1910, the watchmaking workshop Soprana has upheld a steadfast dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction. This ethos has become ingrained in the fabric of the company, serving as a guiding principle in every aspect of its operations. At Soprana, the reverence for tradition is matched only by the pursuit of innovation and precision. Recognizing that a watch is not merely an accessory but a sophisticated instrument of accuracy, the company emphasizes the importance of professional maintenance to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. The cornerstone of Soprana’s service offerings is its comprehensive maintenance program, designed to address the intricate needs of modern timepieces. Whether it’s routine servicing every two years or extraordinary maintenance every five years, Soprana’s team of specialists employs cutting-edge equipment and meticulous manual work to protect the integrity of each watch. During an extraordinary maintenance service, which entails a complete revision of the timepiece, every component is scrutinized with meticulous attention to detail. From disassembling the movement to repairing or replacing worn parts, Soprana’s specialists spare no effort in restoring each watch to its optimal condition. Beyond mechanical restoration, Soprana’s service includes a laborious process to rejuvenate the case and bracelet. Rigorous testing and precision checks follow, culminating in a timepiece that not only functions flawlessly but also meets the highest standards of waterproofing and accuracy.

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