Exhibitions in Bologna, Italy for Agriculture

Bologna is centrally located within the Emilia-Romagna, which is a region associated with quality food production, modern industrial innovations, and a distinct culinary identity. As such, the city is heavily involved in the development of a thriving agriculture sector across all sectors ranging from wine production all the way to the manufacturing of food processing and machinery. One of the region’s defining traits is its recognizable artisanal products. Emilia-Romagna is known the world over for its exceptional food and wine traditions, offering a unique fusion of quality, expertise and the terroir. The region places high value on PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) products, which are its most lucrative exports as they are highly sought after, because they’re impossible to be replicated under any other condition. In fact, a total of 44 such products are registered and further elevate the region’s role on the global agri-food scene. You can say that these products encapsulate the true essence of Emilia-Romagna. Emilia-Romagna takes its role as a guardian of culinary authenticity seriously. It was the first Italian region to establish precise regulations for quality-controlled products. Furthermore, it pioneered food traceability laws, positioning itself as not just a producer of recognizable culinary products but also a hub for food processing machinery. The area stretching from Reggio to Modena stands as Italy's primary hub for agricultural machinery production, while the region between Bologna and Parma boasts the most competitive industrial food packaging machinery production globally. This is how Bologna inserts itself into the agriculture sector as a modern centre of innovation and transportation that’s essential for the rest of the region. Emilia-Romagna is best characterized through this beneficial marriage of both age-old traditions and an eager embrace of new technologies that give the region a competitive edge.

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