Exhibitions in Norway for Renewable Energies

Although rich in oil and natural gas, Norway has nevertheless been a trailblazer in the renewable energies industry by using its abundant natural resources to drive innovation and sustainability. From pioneering tidal power to ambitious offshore wind projects, Norway is making significant strides in its transition to a renewable energy future. In 2003, Norway became the first country to generate electricity commercially using seabed tidal power with a 300-kilowatt prototype underwater turbine in Kvalsund Municipality. This was a truly groundbreaking achievement that now builds the core of the country’s diverse renewable energy portfolio, and has led to research into new energy technologies. Norway's electricity grid is well-integrated with those of its neighboring countries – an important factor in achieving regional energy security and stability. The Norwegian and Swedish grids have been connected for decades, and since 1977, the Skagerrak power transmission system has linked Norway and Denmark. The system's capacity has increased from 500 MW to 1,700 MW by 2015. Globally, Norway is recognized for its climate leadership. The country, alongside the Netherlands, has set some of the most stringent timelines for eliminating fossil fuels and reducing carbon emissions, though that might not be as straightforward process as first imagined, if we’re to take into account a 2021 report by the Federation of Norwegian Industries. The report outlines several challenges in meeting its climate action goals for 2030 and 2050. Norway aims to stimulate the development of offshore wind technology by designing incentives for future suppliers of components to offshore wind farms. That’s how ENOVA found itself earmarking NOK 4 billion as aid for floating offshore wind projects. By focusing their support on small-scale commercial projects, ENOVA hopes to ensure a smoother, faster rollout of floating offshore wind technology.

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