ONS 2020 introduces its registrants to the latest, exciting developments and innovations in the field of offshore energy and oceanography. Stavanger, Norway, acts as the host for this major international trade fair where you will see close to 1400 exhibitors share their version of the future of energy. The event is staged between August 31st and September 3th with attendance expected to cross the 92,000 mark. Under these circumstances, the race for accommodation for ONS 2020 will be heated, but you can come out the victor with Trade Fair Trips ltd. 

Trade Fair Trips ltd streamlines the process behind getting the best discount rates for fair hotels. Doing this on your own, you tie too much time and other resources without finding the most optimal choice of accommodation in the process. We eliminate this phase and simply send you tailored offers that match your particular needs in price, location and room type. In the end, you get accommodation that ensures you can chase after your ONS 2020 goals with ease. The event itself is the meeting ground for policy makers, decision makers and the big business juggernauts. 

Every competitive advantage is crucial and Trade Fair Trips ltd delivers strategic accommodation at excellent prices.