Exhibitions in Saudi Arabia for Home & Lifestyle

In Saudi Arabia, the home décor and lifestyle industry has enjoyed a massive upward trajectory. Generating a revenue of $1.41 billion in 2024, the market is projected to grow at an annual rate of 2.04% (CAGR 2024-2029). This growth reflects a hunger for quality décor by Saudi residents, who are trying to find a middle ground between traditional motifs and modern design elements to create unique and personalized living spaces. Traditional Arabian motifs, such as calligraphy and geometric patterns, continue to play a central role in Saudi home décor. These elements are now seamlessly integrated into contemporary design frameworks. The demand for home décor products in Saudi Arabia is also influenced by the country's ongoing economic diversification and urbanization efforts. As urban centers expand and new residential developments arise, there is an increasing appetite for innovative and culturally inspired home décor products. Local artisans and craftsmen are at the forefront of this trend as they offer traditional handmade items that bring authenticity and a personal touch to modern homes. These products not only reflect the artisans' skills but also the deep-rooted cultural narratives of the region. At the same time, the influence of global design trends has become more pronounced, thanks in part to the rise of online platforms. These platforms have made a diverse range of home décor products more accessible to consumers in the Kingdom, enabling them to explore and adopt various styles and themes. From modern and minimalistic designs to eclectic and traditional ones, homeowners in Saudi Arabia are spoilt for choice. Personalization is another significant trend in the Saudi home décor market. Homeowners are increasingly seeking ways to make their living spaces reflect their individual lifestyles. This trend is driving demand for bespoke solutions and customized décor items, which allow for a high degree of personalization in interior design.

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