Exhibitions in Llanelwedd, UK for Agriculture

Llanerwedd is a small village located in the rural region of Powys and as with most villages in the countryside relies on agricultural endeavors to sustain its local economy. For decades, it’s been the site of the Royal Welsh Show, fostering local businesses and introducing travellers to the many local artisanal products and produce. To best understand the relationship Llanerwedd has with the agriculture industry, we have to look at agriculture in Powys, Wales. In the heart of Wales, Powys has emerged as an agricultural force. Data as recent as 2017 reveals that a significant 34.15% of businesses in Powys operate in the agricultural sector, earning it the distinguished fourth place on the list of regions dominating this industry in the UK. It’s also very important to note that Powys stands as the only Welsh entry among the top contenders. Agriculture, forestry and fishing are the most common industries for businesses. Diving deeper into the agricultural landscape, we’re seeing some interesting developments in the animal farming sector and the rise of chicken farming as a means for farmers to diversify their portfolios. Despite a population of only 132,000 people, Powys plays host to 10,000,000 chickens in total and that number is expected to grow in upcoming years. The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales (CPRW) estimates that Powys houses these numbers across 200 farms. Since 2015, 139 applications for poultry units have been approved in Powys. Supporters of this intensive poultry farming argue that these developments offer much-needed diversification opportunities for farmers in the face of a shrinking agriculture sector, giving both the regional economy and local employment a much needed boost. In 2020, US poultry giant Avara Foods invested in two new chicken-rearing units in Powys, highlighting the industry’s potential as a new means to drive profit.

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