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Beijing ,China
Automotive Industry, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Railway Industry
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Yasn International Exhibition Co., Ltd.,
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1 year

Concerning design and functional conventions for the automotive industry from automobile accessories to tuning and furnishings, there’s no other better platform for innovation in Asia than CIAACE. The international exhibition is being held in Beijing, China and attracts on average 6000 exhibitors and 300,000 trade visitors that represent experts, buyers, dealers, collectors and purchasing groups. Find hotels at reasonable rates right now with Trade Fair Trips ltd in charge of your business trip. 

If you’re worried about finding hotel offers for CIAACE on time before prices hike up or all the good ones are booked, turn to Trade Fair Trips ltd. Our company makes business travel an effortless experience. All we need to know from you is your budget size and just how many are travelling with you. Using this information we pinpoint the best deals that save you the most and place you closest to the action. CIAACE is a truly impressive event as you have full product representation – care products, navigation, lightning, appliances, neck pillows, furnishing, upholstery, license plates, outdoor products and safety products. Display your best wares and you stand to make killer direct sales from your booth!  

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