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Elmia Subcontractor

Elmia Subcontractor

Jönköping ,Sweden
Industrial Supplies, Subcontracting
Organizer :
Elmia Fairs
Event website
Event website :
Elmia Subcontractor
1 year

Northern Europe’s subcontracting industry will be meeting in person at the Elmia Exhibition Centre in Jönköping, Sweden for the 2021 edition of Elmia Subcontractor. The trade show dates are set for November 9th – November 12th. Organisers have vowed that comprehensive COVID-19 prevention measures will be implemented. Visitors and exhibitor compliance is compulsory. 


Elmia Subcontractor has positioned itself as Northern Europe’s leading fair for subcontractors in the manufacturing industry and their customers. Companies from any sector of the subcontracting industry can be seen here – which means attending the trade show gives you an excellent chance to find new business partners, network and negotiate contracts.


  • Manufacturing methods;
  • Products and components;
  • Material, raw material and semi-finished products;
  • Tools and Fixtures;
  • Organizations and services.


The international trade fair is held on an annual basis in Jönköping, Sweden sometime around November. Trade visitors experience the latest in machine tools, machine components, machinery components, assembly equipment, raw materials and manufacturing processes. Elmia AB serves as the official organiser and the fair takes place at the Elmia Exhibition Centre over the course of four days. Doors open at 09:00 am in the morning until 17:00 pm in the afternoon with the only exception being the last day when the closing time is scheduled for 15:00 pm in the afternoon.

Audience and statistics

In operation for the better part of forty years, Elmia Subcontractor has been able to rise through the ranks a major meeting place for all players involved in the manufacturing industry. This was achieved in no small part thanks to the commitment to cover the entire processing chain, and there is much to be said about the type of industries that send representation - the automotive, machine building and electro/electronics industry.

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How to get to Elmia Subcontractor
On foot
On foot:

from Jönköping Resecentrum (central station) = 56 min walk (4.5km)

By car
By car:

from Jönköping Resecentrum (central station) = 9 min drive (4.5km)

from Jönköping Airport = 14 min drive (14.7km)

By public transport
By public transport:

from Jönköping Resecentrum (central station) take either bus nr 1 or 18 for 10 stops to Rosenlundsbadet. From there you have additional 2 min walk to the entrance (total = 23 min)

from Jönköping Airport: go to bus stop Jönköping flygplats and take nr 27 to Jönköping Östra centrum (20 stations) from there switch to bus nr 1 fro another 8 stops. In 2 min walk you will be infront of the fair. (total = 53 min)

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