European Bridal Week

European Bridal Week

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European Bridal Week

Europe's leading wedding, bridal and event fashion show

Approximately 2,900 professionals and 170 exhibitors visited the last edition of this international wedding fashion fair. That is the reason it is one of the renowned exhibitions in the field of bridal and event fashion. Since the expected attendees and exhibitors for the European Bridal Week are in high numbers, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit this great event.

During this exhibition, many manufacturers will present their latest bridal collections. In addition, since there will be representatives of well-known companies in the field of bridal fashion, you will be able to establish many business relations. This makes the event a must-attend for any professional.

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European Bridal Week 2024

The European Bridal Week 2024 will take place as part of the European Bridal Week 2024 in Messe Essen from 13.04.2024 to 15.04.2024. The venue in Germany will not have stringent Covid-19 safety measures. This is because the Bundestag removed the corresponding domestic limitations in April 2022. Because of the improved pandemic situation, the country's administration has opted for such a change. Due to the same reason, Germany's travel restrictions have likewise been lifted. 

Interbride 2022

The 2022 edition of Interbride occurred between 22.05.2022 and 24.05.2022 in Messe Düsseldorf. It featured 167 exhibitors and was held as a live event. Due to Germany removing its national restrictions in April 2022, the venue did not implement strict Covid-19 safety measures.

Interbride 2023

Interbride's 2023 rendition was hosted as part of the 2023 edition of European Bride Week in Messe Essen. The event was hosted as a live trade show between 01.04.2023 and 03.4.2023 and received participants from 48 countries. A total of 500 collections were exhibited.

The European Bridal Week 2024

The 2024 edition of the European Bridal Week was a live trade fair hosted in Messe Essen. It took place between the dates of 13.04.2024 and 14.04.2024. The event featured over 240 exhibitors.

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