MARCA 2025

MARCA 2025

Consumer Goods Apparel & Clothing Miscellaneous
Bologna, Italy
15-16 Jan 2025
Bologna Fiere
Bologna Fiera
1 year
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A lead foodservice, hospitality and private label event

Established in 2005, MARCA Bologna has been at the forefront of market trends pertaining to private labels and has positioned itself as a key networking platform. If you want to learn what’s new on the horizon, experience trends as they unfold or simply gain entry to the Italian market, then MARCA Bologna is where you should be exhibiting. The private label industry is only gaining momentum and this is seen in the constant expansion of the event as well as the broadening of the products on display within the exhibition hall. Within Italy, the market share of private label products stays at above 20% and for 2019, estimates place revenue from the industry at 11 billion euros – the highest it has ever been. The product portfolio extends to food products, feminine, adult and baby care products, household and leisure products, pet products, packaging solutions, service companies, technical press and associations, and general merchandising. It’s evident that the entire value chain is represented under one roof.

MARCA 2024

The MARCA Bologna's 2025 edition will be hosted as the face-to-face trade show between 15.01.2025 and 16.01.2025. The trade show will take place at the Bologna Fiere in Italy. Rigorous Covid-19 safety protocols, including the social distance policy, will not be implemented at the venue. This is due to Italy lifting its pandemic-related restrictions.


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On foot
On foot:

Not advisable when travelling from Bologna Airport (BLQ)

35 mins when travelling from Bologna Centrale Station

By car
By car:

10 mins when travelling from Bologna Airport (BLQ)

5 mins when travelling from Bologna Centrale Station

By public transport
By public transport:

50 mins when travelling from Bologna Airport (BLQ)

15 mins when travelling from Bologna Centrale Station


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Hotel Stars Distance to fair City Price
MARCA 2025 Bologna Hotel Bologna Airport 9.8 Bologna on request Request
MARCA 2025 Bologna Hotel Marconi 12.1 Bologna on request Request
MARCA 2025 Bologna Aparthotel Sant'Orsola 1.97 Bologna on request Request
MARCA 2025 Bologna Hotel Del Borgo 9.7 Bologna on request Request
Santo Stefano Apartments 4.09 Bologna on request Request
MARCA 2025 Bologna Mysuiteshome Apartments 4.34 Bologna on request Request
MARCA 2025 Bologna Albergo delle Drapperie 4.88 Bologna on request Request
MARCA 2025 Bologna Central City Rooms 2.5 Bologna on request Request
Il Giardino in Fiera 2.5 Bologna on request Request
MARCA 2025 Bologna Attico di Via d'Azeglio Bologna on request Request

Bologna, Italy, opens its business calendar with MARCA Bologna every single year. The international exhibition opens during the first half of January every year and editions last for a total of two days. BolognaFiere serves as the official venue and the organiser for the exhibition. The event shares a stage with the related so fresch! - Fresh Food Products Conference and Exhibition and both are open to professional visitors only. Opening hours are consistent for both days – from 09:30 am until 18:00 pm. Commuting to BolognaFiere is an easy task since it is located close to the city’s Central Station and you have quick connections. Bus lines #35 and #38 will get you to the exhibition grounds in no time and make your daily commute effortless. We also want to highlight that there is public transport service to Bologna airport.

  • MARCA Bologna is how you gain entry to the Italian private label market and experience the specifics of the industry there. The focus falls on moving products off shelves and earning sales leads, so the exhibition promises a quick ROI;
  • MARCA Bologna is also a source for industry news and expertise, as visitors are able to learn all about solutions and developments on the most pressing issues concerning the Private Label sector through a number of conferences and debates;
  • MARCA Bologna cares for the working relationship between producers and distributors and the firm establishment of policies between the two. One of the newest additions to the trade exhibition’s programming is the inclusion of the Marca Training Program, which dives deep into consumer and market trends in the context of developing effective business plans.

Let’s look at the numbers from MARCA Bologna and see how it’s been improving. The 2019 edition saw a steady increase in its number of exhibitors and visitors. Organisers report the participation of 746 exhibitors (that’s a 20% in the number of exhibiting companies) and close to 11,000 trade visitors (that’s a 19% increase, which is certainly not to be underestimated). What these numbers prove is that MARCA Bologna has yet to reach a ceiling and makes it a suitable environment to place your brand and meet with new buyers. One of the main selling points of the exhibition is that it’s the only platform to attract large-scale distributors, and that certainly affects the quality of buyers attending MARCA Bologna. ADM, the Italian Grocery Retail Association, is an official partner in organising the event and this has helped to diversify the nationality of buyers. There were major delegations from 32 countries, the majority of which were from the EU.

MARCA 2022

MARCA Bologna 2022 was a live trade expo that took place from April 12th to April 13th, 2022. It occurred at the Bologna Fiere in Bologna, Italy, amid Covid-19 safety precautions such as social distancing and compulsory face masks. 12,000 trade visitors and 900 exhibitors participated on 23,000 m2 of show area.

MARCA 2023

The 2023 edition of MARCA Bologna surpasses the expectations of the organiser and also improved upon the success of the previous edition. The event, hosted between 18.01.2023 and 19.01.2023 in Bologna Fiere without implemented Covid-19 safety measures due to the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions, was attended by more than 17,900 participants. This included over 17,000 visitors (including over 200 foreign buyers) and more than 900 exhibitors. The exhibiting companies presented over 2,500 brands.

MARCA 2024

The 2024 edition of MARCA took place as a live trade fair between 16.01.2024 and 17.01.2024. It occurred on 26,000 m2 of event space and received over 1,100 exhibitors and more than 250 hosted buyers.

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