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Munich ,Germany
Art and Antiques
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Numismata International
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Event website :
1 year

Around March the German city of Munich will be the place where many dealers and collectors of coins will be. The reason for this is the well-know event Numismata. Since it is the 48th edition of this great exhibition for medals, coins, and antique items, you can be sure that this is the event you shouldn’t miss!

Visiting this great exhibition means:

  • Seeing a wide range of modern and classical antiquity products;
  • Meeting many specialists;
  • Exchanging experience on topics like investments and collections;
  • Seeing a large variety of precious metals;
  • Establishing business relations with collectors, investors, suppliers, and other professionals in the field of numismatics;

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Reserve a room for your visit of the premier exhibition Numismata!

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