R + T 2024

R + T 2024

Building & Construction Architecture Urban Equipment
Stuttgart, Germany
19-23 Feb 2024
LandesMesse Stuttgart GmbH
Messe Stuttgart
3 years
Event website:
R + T

The premier roller, door/gate and sun protection system trade fair

R + T is a central trade fair that attracts around 11 business sectors. It is a must-attend for experts related to gates and window manufacturing. First established in 1965, R + T serves as the prime meeting point between supply and demand for various sectors. This is due to the event serving as an industry trend forefront and barometer. For instance, attendees can learn about new design ideas. The event is also the central stage for presenting innovations. This includes novel blinds, textiles, control systems, doors, and machines. Due to its role as a leading innovation showcase stage, many attendees visit to earn recognition and expand their network. They also attend to broaden their field of expertise. This includes architects, insurance, and banking specialists. R+T ‌often receives over 66,000 participants.

Event Date Update for R+T 2024

Organisers will hold the latest edition of the trade fair as a face-to-face event from 19.02.2024 to 23.02.2024. The hosting location of the event will remain Messe Stuttgart. The venue will not feature strict COVID-19 prevention measures, due to the removal of the pandemic-related restrictions.

Event Change Update for R+T 2024

R+T 2024 will be held at Messe Stuttgart as a hybrid event. An online platform with a variety of functions will complement the face-to-face exhibition. The services will include live-streamed conference sessions. They will also include online presentations from the exhibitors of the fair.

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On foot
On foot:

7 mins when travelling from Stuttgart Airport

Not advisable when travelling from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)


By car
By car:

1 min when travelling from Stuttgart Airport

20 mins when travelling from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)


By public transport
By public transport:

Unnecessary due to the closeness to Stuttgart Airport

40 mins when travelling from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)



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Industry Profile of R+T

Attendees of R+T include eleven industries and their related industry branches. Among them is the manufacturing sector, including the doors, windows, gate manufacturing divisions. Further, it features the HoReCa and construction industries. In particular, R+T receives architectural services, special trade and building branch representatives. The retail and commerce industries likewise visit the fair. R+T also features members of the real estate and civil engineering sectors. The interior design and banking industries attend as well. The general contracting and wholesale sectors further visit the event. R+T also includes representatives of the distribution and wholesale industries. The insurance and services, as well as education sectors, likewise attend. R+T also receives media industry representatives.

The international fair receives a wide range of leading companies and partners. For instance, among the associations and companies that attend the editions are:

  • Oskar Widmer GmbH, Nice S.p.A

  • BWGV (Baden-Württemberg Cooperation Association eV)

  • ACMI

  • Linzmeier

By attending R+T, the participating specialists can complete several goals. For instance, they can earn recognition by participating in the R+T Innovation Award. The Doors/Gates Forum also achieves this aim and provides specialist knowledge. Providing knowledge and presenting the latest innovations are among the exhibition's goals. It also allows attendees to conduct business on-site and form new business connections. Further, many of the sub-events enable assessing potential market opportunities. Often, the sub-events overlap with other leading trade fairs. Examples include the 2024 edition of R+T and the coinciding INTERGASTRA 2024.

The R+T Innovation Award is one of the must-attend sub-events in the show programme. The sub-event is beneficial for exhibiting companies, including startups. Third parties can also attend the sub-event under certain conditions. The award ceremony and winner announcement occur in the trade fair’s conference area. The jury comprises notable industry specialists. These range from representatives of associations to journalists and architects. To enter a product as a nomination, attendees need to follow two standards: EN 12216 and EN 12433-1. Competitors can choose only one of 11 categories when entering a product as a nomination. Each category features one winner, yet there can be exceptions. Examples include the 2021 edition, during which each category had up to three winners. Competitors in each category may also receive a special prize, at the discretion of the jury. Exceptional accomplishments, such as a novel design solution, can receive special recognition. The 11 prize categories are as follows:

  • Outdoor wares

  • Doors/gates

  • Drive/control systems for doors/gates

  • Building automation

  • Gathering/Roman blinds

  • Textile sun protection

  • Drive/control systems for roller shutters and sun protection systems

  • Roller shutters

  • Technical textiles

  • Interior protection systems against the sun

  • Special solutions

Each application receives a final score based on four criteria. Each criterion focuses on a different aspect, such as how easy to use is the product. The evaluation criteria are:

  • Product safety

  • User-friendliness

  • Market potential

  • Innovation quality

The Regional Congress of Architecture and Urban Planning (ARCHIKON) is a central micro-event. It is the information-sharing platform for urban developers, architects, business and political representatives. The congress comprises a series of lectures and conference sessions. These feature topics pertaining to the revitalisation of Baden-Württemberg. As an example, one edition discussed creating appealing designs for rural towns. Topics often include the latest innovations and issues in urban development.

Architects and association representatives also attend the Doors/Gates Forum. Like ARCHIKON, it allows professionals to participate in the exchange of information. It comprises brief lectures and discussions. Leading industry experts, such as guest associations, debate various topics during the sessions. Among the guest associations that visit the Forum include ift Rosenheim and BVT. Sample topics include the latest revisions to industry manufacturing standards and Industry 4.0. Another example is CE labelling essentials.

One of the central sub-events featured in the event schedule is the exhibition. It is a must-attend for participants seeking to conduct business and expand their networks. This is due to the sub-event serving as the central stage for showcasing the latest innovations. This includes novel concepts or designs from all sections of the value chain. The exhibition features 11 product groups. These are:

  • Textile construction and technical textiles

  • External/Venetian blinds

  • Other exhibition areas

  • Roller shutters and roller shutter accessories

  • Awnings

  • Electrical safety devices

  • Drives and controls

  • Doors

  • Internal sun protection

  • Bars and fences

  • Gates

One of the leading sub-events attendees should consider visiting is the ES-SO seminar. It discusses topics related to sun protection, energy efficiency and saving. This includes subjects like intelligent solar shading as a means to save energy. The seminar takes place with the aid of two organisation companies - Messe Stuttgart and ES-SO vzw. ES-So vzw is an organisation that represents EU and non-EU solar shading associations. R+T is often held in conjunction with other trade fairs and exhibitions. One such example is the INTERGASTRA 2024 edition that coincides with R+T 2024. This is because of the sub-event known as OUTDOOR.AMBIENCE.LIVING. It features innovative weather-protection wares for hotels, catering companies and restaurants. Sun protection manufacturers, distributors, providers, and installers should consider attending the sub-event.

R+T is among the leading trade fairs for professionals such as:

  • Architects, general planners, interior designers, and civil engineers

  • Distributors, manufacturers, and installers

  • Industry associations and building trade unions

  • Public institutions and representatives of municipalities

  • Managers or owners of hotels, restaurants, and catering companies

  • Facility management staff and tax consultants

  • Urban and real estate developers

  • Specialised trade contractors and business experts

  •  Investors, insurance brokers, lawyers, notaries, auditors, and banks

  • General and project contractors

  • Direct-sale store owners and retailers

  •  Construction companies and specialists

Messe Stuttgart is both the hosting venue and official organiser of R+T. The international trade fair takes place once every three years. Each edition is held for five days and is usually scheduled for the latter half of February. R + T takes place with the aid of institutions like BVT, ITRS, and the German Association for Blinds and Sun Protection.

Messe Stuttgart is easy to access from local communities and the city’s major transport hubs. This is due to the broad range of transport connections that link the venue to the area. These vary from bus connections through metro lines to train routes. Many public transport routes feature a stop next to or close to Messe Stuttgart. This allows visitors to reach the venue in relative safety and save time. For instance, by metro, attendees can access the conference centre in 40 minutes from the central railway station. They should note that they can also access the event centre in 7 minutes from the airport by walking. Among the local communities, with a public transport connection to Messe Stuttgart, is Filderstadt. It has a metro/train connection that allows accessing the venue in 11 minutes. Similarly, attendees can reach the conference centre in 11 minutes from Leinfelden-Echterdingen. Likewise, Reutlingen is easy to access as there is a bus connection with a commuting time of 43 minutes. Many of the mentioned communities or major transport hubs are also available by car. This allows attendees to travel by taxi or rent-a-car without having to dedicate much time to commuting. For instance, the central railway station has a highway link that enables reaching Messe Stuttgart in 21 minutes.

Stuttgart offers a wide range of accommodation and dining alternatives. For instance, attendees can choose from 2-to-5-star hotels, guest houses, hostels, and apartments. The dining alternatives vary from restaurants to specialist food markets. Available options include beer gardens, cafés, bakeries and bars. These can be found throughout the city. For example, they are available in areas such as Degerloch and Stuttgart-Mitte. Local communities also offer a range of accommodation and dining options. These include Esslingen and Reutlingen.

R+T tends to have high attendance rates. Its 2018 edition, for instance, featured products and innovations of 1,027 exhibitors, including 773 international ones. Organisers reported audience rates of over 64,000 trade visitors from over 140 countries. The countries included nations like:

  • Romania

  • Bahrain

  • Japan

  • Poland

  • Austria

  • Turkey

  • Denmark

  • Slovenia

  • Belgium

  • Lithuania

  • Brazil

  • the Netherlands

  • Australia

  • Germany

  • Slovakia

  • France

  • Portugal

  • Canada

  • UAE

  • Norway

  • China

  • Croatia

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • Greece

  • Latvia

  • India

  • Russia

  • New Zealand

  • Ukraine

  • Taiwan

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • Kuwait

  • UK

  • Italy

  • South Korea

  • Finland

  • Hungary

  • Belarus

  • Bulgaria

  • Indonesia

  • Czech Republic

Another essential statistic is that R + T further receives many decision-making specialists. For instance, 87% of the visitors have a prime influence on the procurement decisions made during the event. This is because these participants are independent contractors or C-Suite executives. Further, 75% of exhibitors and 59% of visitors represent a foreign country, such as the previously mentioned ones.

R+T 2021

The 2021 edition of R+T occurred between 22.02.2021 and 25.02.2021 as a digital event. Organisers opted to host the rendition in such a format to prevent unwelcome infections caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the necessity of changing the event format, the edition was successful and received 22,000 visitors. The visitors represented 121 countries. 65% of the attending 299 exhibitors were also from foreign countries, such as the Netherlands.

R+T 2018

The 2018 rendition of R+T was a face-to-face trade fair between 27.02.2018 and 03.03.2018 at Messe Stuttgart. It received over 65,000 visitors from 140 countries. Further, the edition featured 1,027 exhibitors from 40 nations. The attendance rate exceeded the turnout rate of R+T 2015.

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