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Essen, Germany
Metal Working Industries
Messe Essen GmbH
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Event website:
4 years

Update for the Event

Schweissen & Schneiden 2023 has been scheduled for September 11th to September 15th dates for Schweissen & Schneiden, the metalworking trade show. The in-person event will be held at the Messe Essen in Essen, Germany. Messe Essen is in close contact with health authorities in order to form a maximum-security plan. Currently, the country does not feature domestic or travel restrictions due to the improving pandemic situation.


SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN rises above the rest as one of the most stellar exhibitions within the joining, cutting and coating sectors. The international exhibition has been picking up steam for a long time as the first ever edition was held in 1952. In that time, SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN has seen the bulk of modern innovation done in the field and has built itself a loyal audience.

It’s a safe bet that exhibitors receive serious publicity and reputation building in the process. Not only that but you open yourself to new markets.

Because there are just too many product groups to be explored, organisers divide the exhibition halls into the following thematic halls – Gas, Surface Technology & Coating, Welding & Joining, Cutting, Supplies & Filler Materials, Equipment & Safety, Quality Assurance, and Services & Digitalisation. That’s the entire value chain under one roof and you can’t afford to miss it.


SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN calls Essen, Germany its home, where the event comes around once every four years. Editions last for a total of five days and usually are put together at the end of summer – early September.

Messe Essen performs double duties as the venue and organiser with the generous support from DVS – the German Association for Joining. Admission is given only to trade visitors and working hours are set from 09:00 am until 18:00 pm.

Now onto the last matter concerning commuting. The easiest way to make it to the grounds is to hire a car, but due to its central location in Essen, you can stay close enough to walk to catch the city rail to commute. If you’re in a hotel next to the airport, there’s a reliable service that delivers you to Messe Essen.

What to expect as an exhibitor

  • A deep insight into foreign markets. One of the biggest ambitions of any exhibitor is to get into a brand-new market to diversify revenue streams. SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN certainly taps into a network of growing demographics such as India and China – there’s great potential there to generate sizeable sales leads;
  • Overview of brilliant new talent. SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN is also the stage where the next generation of professionals come into their own. Programming here features three young welder competitions and the DVS Student Congress for young scientists;
  • Exploration of Industry 4.0 trends. Automation and robotics have been on everyone’s lips lately and these trends become alive at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN. Companies come to showcase the capabilities of both technology and their slow, but assured transformation of the industry as a whole.

Audience & statistics

SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN is big business. Last edition registered booths from over 1000 exhibitors, while audience numbers swelled beyond 50,000 trade visitors. That’s quite enough of an incentive for you to showcase at the event, but it gets better – over 80% of all visitors occupy a decision-making role in their company and the mood during the exhibition is one of ‘purchasing’.

Statistics also register that it’s not uncommon for prospective buyers to make a purchase right at the exhibition booth – roughly 30%, which makes your task as an exhibitor all the easier. In terms of geographic reach, more than 60% of all visitors came from outside Germany, representing new markets in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


If you are looking for the optimal experience at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN as an exhibitor, book your accommodation in Essen with Trade Fair Trips Ltd. We are experts when it comes to accommodation for exhibitions and logistics in general. From hotel rooms to building your trade booth at the centre, we’re here for you.

Another service you can request from us is reserving any meeting facility in your name ahead of time. Since more than 55,000 professionals will arrive in Essen, you should secure your online hotel booking for SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN as soon as possible.

We work with you to your budget and needs. Keep in mind that our professional reservations agents can make an offer according to your custom specifications and can handle other travel arrangements excellently. You’re also placed close to Messe Essen and near public transport connections for a quick commute.

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