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Düsseldorf ,Germany
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Internationale Tanzmesse NRW
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2 years


Tanzmesse is the home of dance. The international trade fair gathers the best dancers from all over the world to connect, discuss, share experience and perform under one roof. It’s a festival where agencies, choreographers, and dancers present their work and exhibitors have a chance to generate sales numbers directly with their target audience. The first edition of Tanzmesse took place in 1994 and since then has managed to become a global sensation. What makes Tanzmesse so special is the fact that there’s no geographical focus put on dance as an art form. Organizers are interested in the full experience. In terms of products, visitors can discover just about everything they need from clothing to shoes to accessories and dancewear. Companies and venues can look through the latest in stage equipment, stage lighting and sound equipment. 


Tanzmesse NRW, or just Tanzemesse, takes place once every two years in the city of Dusseldorf. The biennial trade fair takes place at the height of summer in late August and editions stretch for four days in total. NRW Landesbuero tanz is the official organiser for the event and programming takes place at Messe Dusseldorf. Anyone can buy a ticket and attend the trade fair. Working hours change depending on the fair’s programming. Now commuting. It’s easy to get to NRW-Forum Düsseldorf whether you’re with personal transportation or not. The exhibition centre is serviced by two underground lines - U70, U74, U75, U76, U77, which run regularly and pass through the city centre. There’s also bus line 805 at your disposal and the underground service. If you’re in one of the hotels next to the airport, there’s shuttle buses making the round between the airport and the centre. 

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor 

If you’re looking for a strong dance community, then you can definitely find one here. The space at Tanzmesse is a hub not just for professional dancers, but also enthusiasts. The fair is not just a professional platform, but also its own festival with excellent performances;

Open Studios are a major component of Tanzmesse. These studios offer insight into current projects put together by companies and solo acts. In the past, visitors could catch a glimpse into works by Broken Borders Arts Projet, MOVEMENT J company and The New Zealand Dance Company;

Want to understand the flavor of a specific region? Tanzmesse hosts curated showcases that dig a little deeper into the dance scenes of particular countries and regions. In the past these have included Curated Showcase Canada, Curated Showcase South Africa and Curated Showcase East Mediterranean & North Africa

Audience & Statistics 

Tanzmesse is one of the most important dance fairs there is in the world. The big reason is because organisers open their arms wide and invite everybody. Last edition managed to attract nearly 1900 dance professionals, who traveled from 50 countries overall. Of course, Europe made up most of the visitors, but there are also companies from the Americas, Africa, Australia and Asia. Overall, there were 50 performances across 8 theatres and 60 pitchings. On the business side of things, you had 120 booths selling the essentials for every dancer. The German Ministry of Culture and Science functions as the biggest sponsor for Tanzmesse in partnership with other local cultural institutions in Germany. As a specialist event, it’s one of the best there is and exhibitors have a successful time making sales and forming strong connections with customers. 


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Tanzmesse & COVID 

COVID-19 led to the cancelation of Tanzmesse 2020, because it was simply not safe to host events at that scale. Instead, NRW Landesbuero tanz decided to host a digital platform in August 2020 as a way to connect dance professionals and address the challenges faced by professionals. It was a modest success, but organisers are working on a safer concept for Tanzmesse 2022. The trade fair is confirmed for August 31st – September 3rd. NRW-Forum Düsseldorf will serve as host for the physical edition and the exhibition grounds will employ the latest in protective measures. Your health and safety are of the first priority! 


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How to get to Tanzmesse
On foot
On foot:

Düsseldorf Airport – not advisable

Düsseldorf Central Railway Station – 30 mins via Immermannstrasse


By car
By car:

Düsseldorf Airport – 15 mins via Danziger Str./B8

Düsseldorf Central Railway Station – 10 mins via B1


By public transport
By public transport:

Düsseldorf Airport – 40 mins via 705

Düsseldorf Central Railway Station – 10 mins via U74


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