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Who's Next

Who's Next

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3 Sep 2021 - 6 Sep 2021
France , Paris

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Who's Next & Première Classe

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Who's Next


6 months

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Past Editions

5 - 8 Mar Who's Next Winter 2021

2 - 4 Oct Who's Next Summer 2020

17 - 20 Jan WHO'S NEXT WINTER 2020

Who's Next asks the most important question in the fashion industry – what will be the next big thing to rule the world? The international trade show invites many brands, established and emerging, to give us the answer in Paris, France. Attendance is expected to reach new record-breaking numbers, so be sure to get the best hotel deals for Who's Next right now from Trade Fair Trips ltd. 

Are you still on the lookout for a hotel room? Time is running out and prices are going up, but Trade Fair Trips ltd still has special offers to send your way across every price category. We believe every company should be able to travel, whether they have a large budget or restricted financial ability. Our team focuses on helping you land a hotel room within your price range and ideal location. The perfect conditions to have a grand time at Who's Next, where you’ll see the entire fashion world represented from ready-to-wear pieces to fashion accessory lines. All broken in the following areas – Fame, Private, Trendy, Urban and Studio.

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