15 Sep 2023

Start Your Engines for the Hottest Automotive Trade Fairs this September!

Start Your Engines for the Hottest Automotive Trade Fairs this September!

Ladies and gentlemen, car aficionados, start your engines and fasten your seatbelts because this September is about to kick into high gear with two of the world’s most important trade fairs in the automotive industry. It's that time of year when the auto world shifts into overdrive, unveiling the latest marvels on four wheels, mind-blowing tech innovations, and jaw-dropping designs. If you've ever wondered what the future of driving will look like, then this duo of trade fairs will answer all your questions in style.

From sleek supercars to eco-friendly options that'll have you rethink your carbon footprint, these events are a mecca for car lovers of every stripе and interest. So, whether you're into horsepower or electric power, these shows promise to rev up your automotive passion.

Automechanika Johannesburg 2023: September 5th – 7th; Johannesburg, South Africa

First, we’re heading down to Sub-Saharan Africa to explore one of the most interesting local markets to make an impression on the global automotive industry. Automechanika Johannesburg is back, and it's ready to hit the accelerator on innovation, showcasing the latest and greatest in automotive technology, manufacturing and parts. Get ready for a ride unlike any other.

Automechanika Johannesburg has something for everyone. With a competitive seminar program and thrilling competitions, this trade fair promises an automotive experience that will leave you breathless. Part of this is due to the fact that Automechanika Johannesburg is part of the globally respected Automechanika brand, renowned for elevating brand visibility in the automotive sector. Since its debut in 2009 at the JHB Expo Centre, this event has been on a steady ascent. Decision makers from around the world flock here to witness cutting-edge product demos, engage in insightful conferences and take part in exhilarating championships.

With over 14,000 international trade visitors, 630 global companies and representation from 28 exhibiting countries, the fair is a true melting pot of automotive excellence. It's not just about cars; it's about setting new standards and driving change. Take, for instance, the successful hybrid workshop hosted by Master Drive during the 2022 exhibition of Futuroad Expo held within Automechanika Johannesburg. This workshop delved into the role of companies in creating safer South African roads and emphasised their responsibilities and ethics. Similar events are expected to take place this year as well.

And if you're looking for some tire-squealing excitement, the Tire Changing competition is a highlight that makes every edition memorable. Participants undergo training on equipment use, accessories, health and safety before demonstrating their speed and skill in changing tires. The competitor with the best time not only takes home the crown but also some fantastic prizes. It’s truly some of the best entertainment you’ll ever see whether you’re a professional or not.

Automechanika Johannesburg is not just an event; it's a pit stop for the future of the automotive industry. So, get ready to buckle up and steer your way into an unforgettable automotive adventure at Automechanika Johannesburg 2023!

Picture: Automechanika Johannesburg

IAA Mobility 2023: September 5th – 10th; Munich, Germany

At the same time as Automechanika Johannesburg, another major automotive event will open its doors to visitors in Germany. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime as the legendary IAA Mobility returns with a bang! With a history spanning over a century, this international motor show is a true source of inspiration. When we say the ‘future of the automotive industry,’ this is where you get a front-row seat to experience it all from cutting-edge car parts to next-gen passenger vehicles.

Held in the city of Munich, Germany, this fair is not just another auto show – it's the ultimate platform for innovation, information and high-level business dealings. IAA Mobility promises an automotive experience like no other:

  • 744 international exhibitors from 32 countries: The biggest names have a regular booth, cementing the fair’s reputation as a global gathering of the best and brightest in the auto industry.
  • 400,000+ international trade visitors from 95 countries: You gain access to a diverse crowd of auto enthusiasts, professionals, and senior buyers. Tap into faraway markets that are hard to reach and expand your business to the four corners of the world.
  • 936 speakers from 32 countries: Gain insights from the industry's top experts. No matter how niche and specialised your fields of interest are, you’ll receive world-class content on the topic.

This event is steeped in history, dating back to 1897 when it showcased a mere eight motor cars. Fast forward to today, and it's become a billion-dollar industry where car manufacturers unveil their latest car models and together shape the world of personal transportation. But it's not just about cars; it's a showcase of mobility solutions for the future. The exhibition space is dedicated to everything from convertibles, antique cars and solar vehicles to sports cars, customised rides, and electric cars.

One standout feature is the massive outdoor area dedicated to the IAA Blue Lane, where visitors get a front-row seat to the latest in mobility. Blue Lane, Blue Lane Underground, Blue Lane Bike & Micromobility, and Blue Lane Future – these four zones cover all facets of modern mobility. Here exhibitors breathe life to their innovations by giving the crowds an opportunity to test out their products in real-life conditions with product demonstrations and test drives.

Engaging with the general public is also on the agenda at the IAA Open Space. It's where residents, international visitors, bike enthusiasts, families and the younger generation come together to explore forward-looking mobility solutions. With festival spaces, product showrooms and test tracks, there's something for everyone to enjoy when they need to slow down and conserve their energy. The food is great, too!

Last but not least, the IAA Summit and IAA Conference are where mobility professionals gather for high-value B2B networking and insights from top experts. From discussion forums to themed islands and special networking events, these platforms offer an unparalleled opportunity to connect and learn. Aside from the product showcase, this is the most valuable benefit from your attendance as the information shared here, you’ll not find anywhere else.

Picture: IAA Mobility

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