Trade Shows in UAE
18 Nov 2019

Introduction to Trade Fairs in the United Arab Emirates

Introduction to Trade Fairs in the United Arab Emirates

As we’re easing into autumn, Trade Fair Trips has decided to switch it up in our travels – go to sunnier, warmer places with a brief visit to the United Arab Emirates, where we’ll look into the economic situation for context and then tour two cities. As always, we want you know this is a part of a larger series of profiles of countries, which are regular hosts for exhibitions, fairs and shows. In our roster, we have already passed through Germany, France and given you the skinny on Italy as well.

The UAE, as it’s more commonly known, has put itself on the map through its petroleum and natural gas industry, which exports widely to the rest of the world, and has helped elevate its economy high up. It currently sits at second spot for the Arab world falling after Saudi Arabia and enjoying a process of diversification to loosen its dependency on oil exports, which right now comprise over 85% of the economy. It needs to be noted that these attempts have been at a much smaller scope as the Emirates maintain a conservative attitude in general.

The Emirate of Dubai has turned to high-class tourism and international finance to draw in a steady income stream, which is not in any way based on its natural resources. This has more or less opened doors to foreign companies to open branches given the welcoming conditions in taxation.

On our tour, we will make two stops to the following locations: Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Join us next week, when Trade Fair Trips takes you on a trip to Dubai – a city that’s become a shining emblem of technological progress, ambition and ingenuity. We’ll show you just a few trade shows and fairs taking place to have a better taste of the climate there. Do you wish to get started on business travelling and don’t know the right events for your business. Our team is offering consultations to determine the right choices for you from our catalog.

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