4 Dec 2023

We’re Closing Out the Year with December’s Biggest Trade Fairs

We’re Closing Out the Year with December’s Biggest Trade Fairs

Another year comes to a close! Before the holiday season begins there are still some major trade fairs to keep your eyes out for.

Here are the last impactful and relevant trade fairs to close out the year in December:

Еѕѕеn Моtоr Ѕhоw 2023: December 2nd – 10th; Essen, Germany

Rev up for excitement as Essen Motor Show 2023 gears up for a final lap. Among Europe’s largest and most beloved, this car show has cultivated a vibrant community of car enthusiasts united by their passion for the adrenaline rush. Serving as a launchpad for cutting-edge technologies, a talent showcase, and an international hub, Essen Motor Show creates unparalleled opportunities for networking and targeted sales leads!

With 500 exhibitors from 13 countries and 200,000 fans, the exhibition grounds are organised around five main pillars: athletic production vehicles, motorsports, tuning, classic cars and motorcycles. It presents the latest trends, products, and innovations from the automotive and motorcycle industry, creating an indescribable feeling once you're amidst the fans, professionals and all that polished chrome.

One highlight of the show is the dedicated area for tuning enthusiasts. Leading brands in the field of tuning unveil their latest offerings, marking the culmination of the season. Motorsport fans can experience the fascination of cars up close through live driving demonstrations on a specially designed racetrack and a dedicated motorsport arena. The emphasis on entertainment and enjoyment is evident, with showmanship and parties adding to the overall experience.

Picture: Essen Motor Show

The Big 5 Show 2023: December 4th – 7th; Dubai, UAE

The Big 5 Show 2023 is a highly successful international trade show in the MENA region that’s dedicated to the building and construction industries. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Dubai, UAE, this event attracts major global companies and senior decision-makers worldwide, making it a pivotal cross-border procurement platform that can elevate your brand. The numbers paint a clear picture - 2200+ international exhibitors on the show floor; 68,000+ international visitors from 140 countries. The Big 5 Show is a must-attend for those seeking a larger client base and increased sales leads.

The exhibition space is divided into five thematic areas: MEP Services, Building Interiors & Finishes, Building Envelope & Special Construction, Construction Tools & Building Materials, and Construct Technologies & Building Automation.

For those aiming to disrupt the construction world, the Start-up City at Big 5 Global is a feature of great interest. This dynamic platform offers start-ups in contectech, proptech, infratech, and earthtech the opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge solutions to key stakeholders in the construction sector. Building upon the established reputation of Big 5 Global, spanning over 40 years, Start-up City provides a superior platform to propel your business forward and validate your innovative ideas on a global scale. Are you ready to launch your start-up to new heights?

Picture: The Big 5 Show

Pferd & Jagd 2023: December 7th – 10th; Hannover, Germany

Saddle up and get ready for an unparalleled experience at Pferd & Jagd 2023. This international exhibition for hunting, outdoor sports, and horse care hosts top exhibitors from around the world in Hannover, Germany for four days of intensive networking. The fair is a comprehensive product showcase for hunting and equestrian enthusiasts. Boasting 70,000 international visitors and 550 exhibitors, Pferd & Jagd stands as Europe's largest fair for horseback riding, hunting, nature and dogs. In 2003, the Country section was added, dedicated to country living, hunting ambiance, and equestrian culture. This addition enhances the fair’s offering, combining shopping, shows, sports, information, and entertainment in a captivating manner.

Pferd & Jagd caters to stable owners, breeders, trainers and leisure riders, showcasing innovative solutions tailored to their needs. Visitors can enjoy a content-rich program featuring product demonstrations and entertaining performances. Messe Hannover creates the perfect atmosphere for visitors to experience all the richness of the trade show to the fullest. Every day, there's something to see, do, and marvel at, making Pferd & Jagd a go-to meeting point for fans and professionals alike in Europe. Don't miss the chance to explore, network and stay up-to-date in the world of hunting, outdoor sports, and horses.

Picture: Pferd & Jagd

AGRIBEX 2023: December 6th – 10th; Brussels, Belgium

With a history spanning sixty years, AGRIBEX has earned the title of Belgium's largest indoor agriculture show, attracting attention and interest from the international community. Contractors and farmers alike will find every conceivable machine, tool, or equipment needed for tasks on the farm. AGRIBEX showcases the best in repair, meat and milk processing, crawlers and wheeled tractors, fertilisers, combines, electrical equipment, chemicals, and agricultural machinery.

With over 340 international exhibitors and drawing in more than 100,000 international trade and public visitors, AGRIBEX should be a priority. Additionally, AGRIBEX hosts the Brussels Livestock Show. This extraordinary event features hundreds of animals ready for farmers to learn about and inspect, with live demonstrations, informative workshops, and exciting competitions. Each year, the Brussels Livestock Show showcases a diverse array of farm animals, shedding light on rare breeds often underrepresented but deserving recognition. The show balances tradition with modern technology, offering trade visitors an overview of contemporary livestock farming practices.

Picture: Agribex

Arabplast 2023: December 13th – 15th; Dubai, UAE

Arabplast 2023 guides attendees through the world of plastics and rubber industries in its role as the paramount trade fair in the Middle East. For three decades, this international fair has provided major exhibitors with a gateway to penetrate the MENA region and amplify their brand visibility. Arabplast stands as an epicentre where groundbreaking solutions and innovative technologies make their debut to an enthusiastic audience.

Featuring over 9000 exhibitors from 32 countries and drawing in more than 15,000 trade visitors from 108 countries, Arabplast is a hub of commerce and knowledge exchange. With a focus on high-value purchases, the audience comprises CEOs, importers, agents, senior management, factory managers, government officials, and entrepreneurs. It's the perfect platform to launch new products, as visitors are keen on making purchases or staying abreast of technological innovations.

Arabplast's diverse visitor breakdown spans across various industries, offering exhibitors direct access to buyers from IT, shipbuilding and repairs, furniture, public works, agriculture, transportation, building and construction, fisheries, and the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Picture: Arabplast

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