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Las Vegas, USA
Automotive Industry, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Railway Industry
William T. Glasgow, Inc.
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AAPEX - Update

AAPEX 2023 will take place from 31.10.2023 to 02.11.2023. The face-to-face event will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Venetian Expo and Caesar's Forum. The venue will not implement Covid-19 prevention measures due to the state of Nevada removing its domestic restrictions pertaining to the pandemic. Due to country's ongoing travel restrictions, proof of vaccination must be presented upon arrival in the United States. 


If you’re a hopeful in the automotive industry with ambitions to bring your company to the next level, AAPEX (otherwise known as AUTOMOTIVE AFTERMARKET PRODUCTS EXPO) is where you should focus your energies. AAPEX complements its business relevance with a conscious effort to usher in a new era for the automotive industry that is in balance with the environment. 

  • More than 158,000 international visitors have made the trip on an average each edition.
  • The annual trade fair focuses on the incorporation of sustainable technologies.
  • The technology of Tomorrow positions itself at the heart of all innovations during previous editions and is where the most cutting-edge trends start.
  • Major companies like Milton, Purlator, BladeGuard, Gates, CAMT, StrongArm, TRICO and more regularly send representation.


The event is a major moment in the Sands Expo calendar taking place every year around November for three whole days. Visitors can come experience the rich product lineup from 09:00 in the morning until 05:00 in the afternoon. Hosted in Las Vegas by the William. T Glasgow Inc., this major international exhibition will be a meeting place of who’s who in the industry complete.

Audience and statistics

Programming now shines line on the latest in sustainable technologies at every step of the production chain in an effort to reduce the overall environmental impact. Speaking of products, we have touch upon the portfolio that extends to auto accessories, automobile spare parts, car paints, care products, and workshop accessories. It is the ultimate platform to gain brand recognition and drive direct sales for the year! Nowhere else do you have access to experts, engineers and speakers in one place than here. Milton, Purlator, BladeGuard, Gates, CAMT, StrongArm and TRICO have all at one point or another exhibited here.

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How to get to AAPEX
On foot
On foot:

60 minutes when travelling from Las Vegas Airport

15 minutes when travelling from Las Vegas Strip Station/Terminal 

By car
By car:

10 minutes when travelling from Las Vegas Airport

5 minutes when travelling from Las Vegas Strip Station/Terminal 

By public transport
By public transport:

50 minutes when travelling from Las Vegas Airport

10 minutes when travelling from Las Vegas Strip Station/Terminal 

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