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Airbourne - Eastbourne International Airshow

Airbourne - Eastbourne International Airshow

Eastbourne, UK
Aerospace & Airport Technology
Eastbourne Borough Council
2 years

Airbourne Update

Airbourne - Eastbourne International Airshow's 2023 edition will be organised and hosted between the dates of 17.08.2023 and 20.08.2023. The hosting location for the event will be the Eastbourne Seafront in Eastbourne, the UK. It will not feature rigorous Covid-19 prevention measures because of the country removing its pandemic-related restrictions.


Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow is often regarded as the biggest free airshow in the UK and also the biggest free seafront airshow in the entire world. The event was first established in 1993 and has been long associated with the British military as some of the biggest acts featured in the airshow and the ground display celebrate British aviation. As a free event, the Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow covers its costs through municipal funding and its main goal is to stimulate local economy through the attraction of tourists. The airshow, also referred to as Eastbourne Airbourne, positions local vendors in booths to stimulate direct sales with the biggest emphasis falling on food and drinks, souvenirs, children’s entertainment, helicopter rides and attractions aside from aerobatic displays and ground exhibits. 


Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow is an annual airshow, which takes place in the town of Eastbourne, Sussex in England. The airshow takes place at the height of summer – in the middle of August usually and has a fluctuating duration from two days up to four days total. The grounds alongside the full length of the Eastbourne seashore, a total of four miles, are open from 10:00 am until 18:00 pm and within this timeframe flying demonstrations are held from midday up until one hour before closing. Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow is organised by the Eastbourne Borough Council and independently funded, so visitors are welcome to attend without having to pay any tickets. Reaching Eastbourne is possible by car, coach services from Brighton, Hastings, and London and, of course, the railway station, which has numerous links throughout the country. The seafront is easily reached by foot or bus. 

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor

  • Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow stretches the definition of an airshow way beyond a localized event, but rather involves the entire city as its showgrounds. With so many attractions and exhibits alongside Beachy Head, the constant flow of visitors is more than just guaranteed, which is an incredible opportunity for direct sales; 
  • Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow continues throughout the day for several days and there’s no slowing down from the morning until the evening as alongside the day attractions for children and air show, there’s evening concerts and end of show fireworks, which amp up the energy and enthusiasm; 
  • Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow has a unique feature that separates it from any other event in this category – namely the presence of a radio station. Receive your live commentary and announcements about the airshow during the airshow through the FM radio station, “Radio Airbourne”, which you can find on 87.7FM.

Audience & Statistics 

As we’ve touched upon earlier, Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow is the biggest free airshow in the UK and that usually comes with some impressive numbers. Organisers regularly report attendance of over 500,000 visitors from all over the country and abroad during the show’s run, which translates to millions of direct sales to local vendors on the ground. The main focus of the event is the role of the military in British aviation with the Red Arrows being thee highlight of every show as the pilots not only perform daring stunts, but also take part in meet and greets for fans. This gives some insight into the type of visitors that attend the show. There are obviously a lot of families with children, tourists, military personnel and military history fans. 


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How to get to Airbourne - Eastbourne International Airshow
On foot
On foot:

Gatwick Airport – not advisable

Heathrow Central Bus Station – not advisable

By car
By car:

Gatwick Airport – Via A23, 1h7mins

Heathrow Central Bus Station – Via M25, 1h50mins

By public transport
By public transport:

Gatwick Airport – Via Southern Railway line, 1h12mins

Heathrow Central Bus Station – not advisable 

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