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Automechanika Dubai

Automechanika Dubai

Dubai, UAE
Automotive Industry, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Railway Industry
Messe Frankfurt GmbH
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Event website:
Automechanika Dubai
1 year

Automechanika Dubai Update

Automechanika Dubai's 2023 edition will take place as an in-person event at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The hosting dates for the event are 02.10.2023 and 04.10.2023. The venue will install the latest Covid-19 prevention measures. Safety measures, such as temperature checks, will be part of the safety protocols. Dubai at present does not have travel limitations in place.


Automechanika Dubai is among the newer events in the Automechanika portfolio of events, as it was first held back in 2003 in Dubai to great success. Today, the international trade show serves as a natural trading link for faraway markets, which are not easily connected. We’re talking CIS markets, the wider Middle East, Africa, and Asia. As such, it’s the absolute best platform to break into uncharted territory and meet buyers you’ve never even known about. So what’s there to find out at Automechanika Dubai? The trade show is product rich and there’s no product type that’s been excluded. There’s tire assembly, tires, automotive electronics, body repair, chassis, corrosion protection, vehicle parts, wheels, work clothes lubricants, repair equipment, tank systems, vehicle accessories and vehicle body. It’s the entire spectrum of the automotive aftermarket all in one place. How can you resist that? 


As all other events in the Automechanika family, Automechanika Dubai is under the direction of Messe Frankfurt. In this case, it’s the chapter of Messe Frankfurt Middle East that organises this international trade show. Editions occur annually during the summer, usually in mid-June. Doors are open to professionals at Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE, for three days. Working hours are set from 10:00 am until 19:00 pm. Dubai World Trade Centre is located in the bustling heart of Dubai, which means there are so many ways to get to the exhibition grounds. The easiest way would be to catch the metro, as there are many lines and stops all over the city. If you’re travelling above ground, then there are also many bus lines available, or the fastest of all is to take a taxi. 

What Are People Saying? 

  • “It's the vibe in general. Everyone is friendly and it's open for new products. It's a professional setup, a professional show. Gives a lot of opportunities," - Goswin de Rouw, Senior Director Sales & Marketing, EMEA ARNOTT - AIRSUSPENSION PRODUCTS;
  • “It's the first time that we are at this fair. It's been absolutely fantastic. We were excited to be here. We didn’t know what to expect at the beginning, but my goodness, it's been absolutely tremendous,” - Andrew Tindal, Commercial Director, INDASA;
  • “Automechanika has really played a role in expanding our business. This is where we actually started our journey. We feel like we have to be big enough in this divider of Automechanika every year and we will still continue to be part of it,” - Sadath Hussain, Technical & Marketing Director, BURJ EIFFEL INT'L LUBRICANTS;
  • “This show has been really important for us to grow and we're looking, obviously, for more partners. We're very thankful for what we've been able to take from this show and hope to have even a show next year,” - Ben Bartlett, CEO, MERCURYPM PTY LTD

Audience & Statistics

Automechanika Dubai has a winning formula that helps it grow every single year. The last edition saw the product launches and participation of 1880 international exhibitors coming from more than 60 countries. In addition, there were also 23 country pavilions. What was the turnout? Over 32,700 international trade visitors from a total of 146 countries. Professionals come from all corners of the industry. You have crafts, workshop, retail, automotive, owner or operator, relevant suppliers of garage equipment. No matter who you meet, they are excited to buy and have the budget to make your attendance at the trade show a smart investment. 


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Past Editions

Automechanika Dubai 2021

The 2021 edition of Automechanika Dubai occurred at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The trade fair took place between 14.12.2021 and 16.12.2021. Strict Covid-19 prevention measures were in place for the face-to-face event. The safety protocols included attendants having their body temperatures taken before being granted entry, as well as the obligation to wear masks. The event received, despite the ongoing pandemic, visitors from 143 countries as well as 563 exhibitors.  

Automechanika Dubai 2022

Automechanika Dubai 2022 was held in a live format between November 22nd and November 24th, 2022. It attracted 1,143 exhibitors from 53 nations. This represented a 98% increase from the previous edition. The Dubai World Trade Centre, which hosted the event, implemented strict Covid-19 safety precautions, including the social distance protocol and obligatory surgical masks.

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