Exhibitions in Abu Dhabi, UAE for Defense

Within the UAE, Abu Dhabi has distinguished itself as the country’s major defense centre and in the heart of it stands EDGE Group, which has been leading a technological revolution for the last five years. The company has one mission – redefine the landscape of defense and technology – and it’s been quite successful. EDGE consolidates over 20 entities into four core clusters: Missiles & Weapons, Platforms & Systems, Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies, and Trading & Mission Support. At EDGE, the focus extends beyond conventional defense solutions to critical domains such as Precision Munitions, Autonomous Systems, Naval and Land Systems, Small Arms, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Training, Maintenance, Repair, and Operations, and Cyber Technologies. The group prioritizes innovations across all levels as is clearly demonstrated by its adoption of best-in-class frameworks and Industry 4.0 technologies. When it comes to modern digitalization, EDGE has always been the gold standard right from its creation in 2019. EDGE leads the pack compared to other advanced technology groups worldwide. The group’s inclusive approach involves collaborating with entities of all sizes, whether big or small, start-up or established, local or global. EDGE aims to enhance lives, reduce costs, and simplify business operations. It’s what makes Abu Dhabi’s defense industry one of the most competitive in the world. A key aspect of EDGE’s approach to defense strategies is anticipating future risk scenarios and bridging commercial innovations with precision defense solutions. The group strives not only to accelerate within specific spaces but also to create value that delivers tangible benefits to a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Of course, defense innovations are only the first step as EDGE has much bigger plans in mind. In short, position the UAE as a leading global hub for all future industries. This entails developing highly-skilled talent and creating clear pathways for the next generation.

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