Exhibitions in Dubai, UAE for Defense

In comparison to Abu Dhabi, Dubai’s defense industry can definitely appear to be modest, but its biggest asset is Intersec. There’s never been a grander or more interconnected event in the fields of security, safety, and fire protection. Currently, Intersec enjoys the distinction of being the largest annual trade fair of its kind globally, and its editions are where some of the biggest deals in the defense and security sectors are being made in the UAE. As a business platform, Intersec more than delivers. We’re talking 6000 brands and products showcased, 500 international exhibitors, and an audience of over 18,000 international trade visitors. Beyond the numbers, the event lives and breathes innovation. From gates, GPS, and biometrics to surveillance systems, CCTV, video management, and analytics, the expo covers the entire spectrum of security solutions. The event also unveils the latest in home and building automation, turnstiles, locks, barbed wire fences, safes, and alarms, providing firsthand experiences with newly released products. At the heart of Intersec's diverse conference track is the Global Security Leader's Summit. This gathering brings together global leaders in the security industry, fostering a think tank environment to develop strategies for the future. Held under the banner of 'Strategy, Foresight, and Response for a Secure Homeland,' the summit gains added relevance in the current global context, especially amidst the evolving situation in Ukraine. Government authorities, policymakers, law enforcement, civil defense, and private organizations converge to shape the future of the security landscape. The Global Security Leader’s Summit is just one among the many conferences held during Intersec. With themes like 'Protecting Future Connected Cities and Citizens,' 'Agile First Responders,' 'Cybersecurity Lab,' 'Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure,' and 'Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Focus Day,' the exhibition offers an in-depth exploration of the latest trends, technologies and strategies shaping the security, safety, and fire protection sectors.

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