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Stuttgart, Germany
Tourism, Restaurant, Catering & Hospitality Industries, Incentive Travel
Messe Stuttgart
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1 year

Covid-19 Event Information 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH has decided to cancel CMT 2022. In 2023, the event will be held at Messe Stuttgart as a physical edition. In 2021, the international trade fair had to run as a virtual event, which was a key factor in the successful continuing of the conversation. It cannot, however, replace a live exhibition. Due to these factors, the organisers have decided to postpone the 2022 edition. The official dates for the 2023 edition have been set! From January 14th to January 22nd, attendees can attendees the fair at Stuttgart, Germany. The fair's COVID-19 hygiene concept has been finalised, and organisers promise that cutting-edge protective measures will be in place. Compliance from visitors is expected!


CMT is an institution in Germany as a source of inspiration for travelers, who want to experience new destinations and travel packages, and a major marketplace for the travel market. Its very first edition took place in 1968 and with half a century under its belt, CMT is the perfect place to make an impression on serious buyers. The travel and tourism industry is incredibly fast paced and the trade fair gives you an accurate measure of new trends. You have the full product portfolio at your disposal. Exhibition space is dedicated to cars, motor homes, caravans, caravan equipment, tents, car accessories, travel literature, cruisers, bicycles, towing vehicles, convertibles, offroaders, e-bikes, pedelecs and segways. But you can also see travel packages to all over the world from Bhutan to Mexico. Discover different types of tourism – cycling, golf, wellness, cruise ships, health and culture.


At the beginning of every year, CMT delivers the hottest new travel trends and destinations. The annual trade fair takes place every January and sets the tone for the year to come. It gives visitors and exhibitors the opportunity to generate high sales numbers early in the year over the course of nine whole days. Programming takes place at Messe Stuttgart and is put together by Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH. Both the general public and professionals are given entry. Be sure to check in for official opening times closer to the trade fair dates. Next is commuting. If you’re not with a rental, then you can rely on the city’s public transport. The exhibition grounds are serviced by several bus lines and the city rail. If you’re staying close to Stuttgart Airport, you’ll be happy to know there are quick connections to Messe Stuttgart. 

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor 

• CMT is an excellent platform for introducing businesses to their direct customers. A lot of visitors are from the general public, who come to look at new offers and make personal purchases. This is a great opportunity to build direct connections with the target audience.

• CMT celebrates different cultures and offers an incredible variety of events targeted to all in attendance. Make sure to visit the Atrium Stage for unforgettable live shows from all over the world. 

• CMT also offers an incredible lecture programme aimed at tour operators and other travel professionals. The topics vary greatly from practical advice on types of funding available and how to apply for it, to building regulations and so much more. It keeps you up to date with all the most important news. 

Audience & Statistics 

The success of CMT wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of German associations and unions such as CIVD, DCHV, ADAC and ADFC. Attendance numbers are quite satisfactory. You’re in a good company of over 2200 international exhibitors, who travel from 100 countries such as Slovenia, Indonesia, France, the Philippines and Jamaica. The focus falls on European countries with Germany taking up the lead. Exhibitors tend to come from all over the travel sector. You have manufacturers and retailers, but also travel agents and organisations. The audience goes to over 300,000 visitors. You have a large portion of private visitors, who want to research new products and inform their purchases. But you also have other travel professionals, who are looking to find new partners and have great purchasing power. Prepare to meet with tourist organisations, associations, spas and health resorts, tour operators and travel agencies, travel facilities, leisure facilities and accommodation facilities.


Throughout the years, Trade Fair Trips Ltd has been the preferred option for many exhibitors in booking hotel accommodation for exhibitions. We’re well established on the market and enjoy a large network of hotels in Stuttgart, Germany. Book hotel rooms for CMT at preferential prices no matter how big your budget is. From budget hostels to luxurious suites, we provide anything and everything our clients wish. Do you want a short commute? We work hard to send you the top rates close to Messe Stuttgart. Just tell us how many rooms you need and we’ll sort out the rest in a business day. In addition to hotel services for CMT, Trade Fair Trips Ltd hires teams to build exhibition booths. Give us a call and we’ll arrange it in no time. Another popular service is to have us book meeting facilities at the exhibition grounds depending on size and what A/V equipment you need. 


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How to get to CMT
On foot
On foot:

7 mins when travelling from Stuttgart Airport

Not advisable when travelling from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)


By car
By car:

1 min when travelling from Stuttgart Airport

20 mins when travelling from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)


By public transport
By public transport:

Unnecessary due to the closeness to Stuttgart Airport

40 mins when travelling from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)


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