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Stuttgart, Germany
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Event website:
3 years

Covid-19 and Didacta

Didacta 2023 will take place between 7.03.2023 - 11.03.2023 at Messe Cologne. The event will be held as a live trade show, and the hosting venue will implement strict Covid-19 safety precautions. The 3G admittance rule will be included as a precautionary measure. Participants will be requested to show 3G documents such as negative test results before accessing the venue. As a result of the recent travel bans, such papers must be shown upon arrival in Germany. 

Didacta Introduction

If you’re involved in shape, way or form in the education sector be it on lower levels or in the training and career fields, Didacta is where you can come to exchange ideas with peers and gain insight into how education is changing worldwide.

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Didacta brings in a truly diverse crowd of professionals – educators, head teachers, instructors in industry, trade, business and services; adult education specialists and specialist therapists.

The event examines the current state of education and designs the solutions for the most pressing challenges.

Topics range from childhood development and how to apply the newest technologies in the learning process to vocational training and qualification.

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How to get to didacta
On foot
On foot:

7 mins when travelling from Stuttgart Airport

Not advisable when travelling from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)


By car
By car:

1 min when travelling from Stuttgart Airport

20 mins when travelling from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)


By public transport
By public transport:

Unnecessary due to the closeness to Stuttgart Airport

40 mins when travelling from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)


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