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Berlin, Germany
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Presentation of the Event

EXPOLINGUA is a prestige event related to language learning and teaching. Hosted in Berlin, this international fair will give you the opportunity to visit all kinds of courses, try to learn a new language, and have a lot of fun doing it. Every year, over 10,000 visitors (students, trainees, teachers, seniors, and others) come to Berlin for EXPOLINGUA and receive useful information about possibilities available to them as language-learners. Guests also have chances to communicate with exhibitors and get to know other cultures.

Let us give you some info about the lectures’ themes at EXPOLINGUA:

  • Language teaching methods
  • Languages for careers
  • Internship opportunities abroad
  • Mobile language learning

Give yourself the chance to learn or get better in the language that you want such as Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, and Spanish.

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Previous Editions


EXPOLINGUA 2022 took place between the dates 24.06.2022 and 25.06.2022. The format of the event was a face-to-face exhibition. The RHWK in Berlin, Germany, served as the hosting venue. The venue did not feature strict Covid-19 prevention measures. This was due to the removal of the country's national restrictions. EXPOLINGUA 2022 featured 51 exhibitors.

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