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Finanz Zurich

Switzerland's lead professional investor event

The financial sector has always been a busy, dynamic industry, but now more so than ever. This is because of the way digital technology has changed the way we think about money and opened up new horizons. Finanz Zurich, as Switzerland’s largest financial fair, is a visionary platform for the collaboration between hedge funds, bankers, funds and more. Established in 1998, the fair has been a go-to destination for innovators and entrepreneurs to shake up the financial world. Many of the new technologies have been shown here first. Visitors can get the full overview of what’s new and important in the world of finances – investment software, algorithms, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. 

Finanz Zurich 2024

DeltaBlue AG Exhibitions & Events and JHM Finanzmesse AG are looking forward to hosting the face-to-face 2023 edition of Finanz Zurich 2023. The new hosting dates for the event have been announced for 24.04.2024 and 25.04.2024. Attendees can expect a thrilling programme and some top experts in the financial industry to fly to Zurich, Switzerland. Halle 550 at the Zurich Oerlikon will undergo frequent sanitation. Apart from the general hygiene steps, such as continuous ventilation and sanitation sessions, the venue will not feature strict Covid-19 safety measures. This is due to Switzerland removing its stringent domestic coronavirus regulations because of the improved epidemiological situation in the country. The nation has likewise removed its travel restrictions.


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DeltaBlue AG Exhibitions & Events and JHM Finanzmesse AG have partnered up to host one of the biggest trade events in the finance world held in Zurich, Switzerland. Finanz Zurich is a two-day event typically held at the start of the fiscal year, typically in mid-January. Editions are held at the modern Halle 550. Admission is given to professional investors and other trade visitors and work hours are set for 10:00 in the morning until 18:00 in the evening on the first day, and 09:30 until 17:00 in the afternoon on the second day. Now let’s talk commuting. Halle 550 has one of the best locations in the city. It’s a brisk walk from the Zurich Oerlikon station, which connects to Zurich airport in about four minutes, and Zurich main station. This means you can reach Halle 550 with trams, trains and even buses. No matter where you stay in the city. 

  • Commitment to the most important topics concerning the finances sector today. There will be a deep focus on the correct application of ESG and how central banks can help with the government debt mountains. The seminars, keynote speeches and presentations are some of the best in the world and certainly worth your time. Learn about the newest trends and developments in politics related to the global financial sector. 
  • You can also hope to meet up with some truly brilliant people. Finanz Zurich is very proud of being able to attract the biggest names working today. You can hope to meet up with Dr. Fritz Zurbrügg (Vice Chairman of the SNB), Prof. Jan-Egbert Sturm (KOF Swiss Economic Institute), Silvia Ruprecht (Federal Office for the Environment/FOEN), Brigadier Raynald Droz (Swiss Army).

Finanz Zurich has a wide appeal for all professionals engaged in the finances industry. Exhibitors get to meet with asset managers, private bankers, family offices, insurers, pension funds, real estate investors, informatics, management consultants and trustees. Overall more than 3800 visitors from all over Europe attended the trade fair. Organisers are proud of the level of internationality as 76 markets from around the world were represented – Germany, France, Spain, the UK, China and the USA for example. Exhibitors, all 174 of them, will be happy to know that the majority of visitors are in positions of authority in their organisation. We are talking directors, CEOs and owners. All people who can make financial decisions and are on the lookout for new products and potential business partners. Another important statistic worth mentioning is the number of speakers engaged in the support program – 130. There were also 66 presentations made during last edition. 

Finanz Zurich 2022

The 2022 edition of Finanz Zurich 2022 signified the successful restart of the trade fair's live renditions. The edition, which took place between 27.04.2022 and 28.04.2022, was held in Halle 550 in the Zurich Oerlikon. It received more than 100 exhibitors and 2,500 visitors. Organisers announced during the event that Finanz Zurich will from the year 2023 onward take place in spring.

Finanz Zurich 2023

Finanz Zurich's 2023 edition was hosted as a live trade show between 03.05.2023 and 05.05.2023 at Halle 550. The rendition continued the trend established by the event's 2022 format. It was attended by 106 exhibitors, 175 speakers and 2,700 visitors.

Finanz Zurich 2024

The 2024 edition of the Finanz Zurich took place as a live trade fair. It was held between 24.04.2024 and 25.04.2024. It was attended by 2,800 visitors. They overviewed the wares of approximately 100 exhibitors and listened to the lectures of 153 speakers.

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