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Cannes, France
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Mipim Cannes
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Event Notice 

MIPIM 2023 will occur between 14.03.2023 and 17.03.2023 as a live event. The event will take place in Cannes, France. Strict Covid-19 prevention measures  will be put in place at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. Such will include stringent social distance regulations and the obligatory wearing of medical masks. Attendees must also show before entry valid 3G documents. The valid forms include digital negative test results, proof of recovery or immunisation passports. 


MIPIM is synonymous with big real estate business all around Europe. The international exhibition targets financing opportunities, investments and real estate regardless of the nature of the projects — MIPIM covers everything from hospitality trends, hotel investments and tourism real estate to the healthcare industry. The exhibition was first held in 1990 and since then has turned into a big meeting point for players in the industry and also a source of innovation thanks to the creation of the MIPIM Innovation Forum. The Forum is among the biggest highlights and draws, and it shows — last edition saw 480 keynotes and speakers. Exhibitors report that they’re able to conduct most of their important networking and market research at MIPIM, earning the exhibition its place as an invaluable resource.


MIPIM takes place in Cannes, France every single year, around March. The international exhibition runs out of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès located in the city centre and typically lasts for a total of four days. Editions are organised by Reed Midem and working hours for the event are from 09:00 am until 19:00 pm except for the closing day, which ends at 15:00 pm. Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is located in centrally in Côte d’Azur near the bay, which makes it accessible by both land and sea. There’s also a helipad on the premises for arrival by helicopter. In 2020 due to COVID-19, MIPIM has been rescheduled for September. The edition will run only for two days and will be held in Paris instead of Cannes.

What Are People Saying?

  • “In four days you are going to have as many meetings as you’d probably have in three or four months, so this is a business accelerator,” — Serge Fautre, CEO, AG Real Estate;
  • “We meet a lot of people, we have opportunity to do leasing, buying, selling, financing,” — Meka Brunnel, CEO, Gecina;
  • “Every year there’s something new that I discover, but there is no place like this to keep the pulse of what’s happening in the industry,” — Guy Perry, Urban Design Consultant, McKinsey & Company;
  • “The real attraction is you got people from all the different elements of the real estate sector: architects, surveyors, developers, and investors. I think that’s a great way for that community to come together. MIPIM is always looking at new themes whether it be PropTech or new business models, the evolution of the real estate industry in general,” — Chris Brooke, President, RICS.

Audience & Statistics

MIPIM maintains a sizeable amount of exhibiting companies and visitors. Last edition registered upward of 26,000 international trade visitors and around 3800 companies had a booth at the expo grounds. Among those attending were over 6000 investors and 4100 C-Level professionals, which should tip you off as to just how lucrative attendance at MIPIM actually is. This is all on top of 480 keynotes & speakers. We also want to highlight how truly international the trade fair has is — 100 countries are in the room. Because it’s based in Europe, MIPIM attracts mostly visitors from the EU and surrounding countries, so the top countries by number of visitors are the UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, the Russian Federation, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. That is outside of France, which accounts for the majority of visitors. In terms of industry background, you will discover investors and financial institutions, real estate business services, local and public authorities, and developers.


MIPIM continues to rise in popularity as its influence over the international real estate sector grows, and that means there are going to be a lot more professionals in attendance. You best hurry if you want to book hotel rooms in Cannes at a fair price and the best place to find the most appealing deals is Trade Fair Trips ltd. We tailor your hotel experience and deliver results fast. You can book an excellent hotel within walking distance from Palais des Festivals et des Congrès within a single business day. All you need to do is specify your budget and tell us how many rooms you need. Trade Fair Trips ltd is also here to provide you with adequate meeting facilities ahead of time and build your exhibition booth. Package the services you need into one bundle and enjoy your savings.

Past Editions

2021 edition

The 2021 edition of MIPIM took place as a hybrid event between 7.09.2021 and 8.09.2021. MIPIM 2021 consisted of an in-person exhibition and a digital platform. The 2021 rendition featured  “New world, new time” as its central theme. The theme included discussing the difficulties of rethinking the industry by taking into consideration ecological issues. A total of 4200 trade visitors attended the fair.

2022 Edition

MIPIM 2022 was hosted as a live event at the Palais des Festivals et des Congres in Cannes, France. The hosting dates for the event were set between 15.03.2022 and 18.03.2022. To ensure the safety of attendees, the Palais featured the latest Covid-19 safeguards, such as social distancing and the 3G entry policy. A total of 20,000 participants including 2,400 exhibitors, 150 government representatives and more than 360 speakers attended the event.

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