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LIGNA Hannover

LIGNA Hannover

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10 May 2021 - 14 May 2021
Germany , Hannover

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LIGNA Hannover


2 years

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LIGNA Hannover (sometimes referred to as only LIGNA) is where you come to grow your own professional network in the woodworking industry as well as increase your revenue streams. The international trade fair held its inaugural edition in 1975 and in the over 40 years it’s been active, it has become the dedicated business platform for professionals to learn about the industry, share experience and know how, and meet with future business collaborators. Innovation is one of the key features of LIGNA Hannover and a trade visitor is able to explore the whole processing chain under one roof from forestry technology to wood materials and furniture. The exhibition halls will fill up with sawing machines, forestry tools, sawmill equipment, timber trucks, wood and timber, wood drying, wood fuels, milling machines, furnaces and solid wood processing.


LIGNA Hannover is located in Hannover, Germany, where editions arrive every two years in the first half of May usually. The international trade fair admits both professional visitors and general public members at Messe, Hannover. The official organisers for the fair are Deutsche Messe AG & VDMA Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen. Working hours start from 09:00 am in the morning until 18:00 pm in the afternoon. Commuters that rely on public transport can utilize the bus system and the light rail system to their advantage and quick arrival. Arriving in a car is also a speedy affair and you’ll find the exhibition centre to have a lot of parking spaces.

What Are People Saying?

 “This year’s LIGNA was a fantastic show for us. We met a lot of customers from Spain and Portugal, and received numerous orders worth several million euros. LIGNA is the only place where we can seal such major deals and connect with an international audience,” - Canzio Costantini, CEO of Biesse Group Iberica and Portugal;

"This year’s LIGNA earned its stripes again as the world’s most important tradeshow for our industry. We had a great response to our tradeshow motto ‘Technology Arena’, our significantly enlarged display stand, and our inclusion of new technologies in the process chain," - Jürgen Schröer, CEO, and Olaf Rohrbeck, CSO/CTO, Robert Bürkle GmbH, Freudenstadt, Germany;

“We achieved double-digit growth in the number of visitors compared with 2017 – and the clear majority of them were from abroad. What’s more, we noted a high level of purchasing motivation among our customers, notwithstanding the current uncertainties in the global economy,” - Alberto Maestri, Managing Director Business Unit Finishing Cefla s.c., Imola BO, Italy

Audience & Statistics

LIGNA Hannover maintains a high level of engagement from industry professionals as well as the general public, which is one of the great advantages to exhibiting here. You’re not just approaching industry buyers, but receive recognition and attention from the end consumer. This has resulted in a solid turnout of over 1500 international exhibitors and more than 90,000 visitors. Even though you might think there are a lot of non-professional visitors, they barely make up 7% of all who go there. The majority of the audience is professional and they come from all over – carpentry, energy generation, woodworking, wood construction, prefabricated building industry, furniture industry, sawmill industry and forestry. It’s this diversity that opens you up to new revenue streams. There are more than 100 countries represented in the audience, but the majority (over 50%) are German nationals.


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