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Paris, France truly lives up to the name of the capital of fashion. As important as the fashion shows and fashion fairs, the industry also needs an international trade fair for sourcing and materials. And that fair is Premiere Vision. The trade fair is known for its outstanding line-up of high quality raw materials and products, which makes it the perfect procurement platform. The exhibition space is organised around fabrics, yarns, designs, leather, accessories, manufacturing, and sustainability. A significant point is that all exhibitors chosen for the trade fair have been hand-selected by an internal committee of experts. To get a booth at Premiere Vision is a high honour. The trade fair has been so successful it has created satellite events in New York, Istanbul, and Shenzhen. Premiere Vision (PV Paris) also has shown serious commitment to sustainable, ethical and eco-responsible fashions, which are the future of the industry. 

Premiere Vision February 2024

Premiere Vision 2024 is right on course with no more delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. The hybrid event will run from 06.02.2024 until 08.02.2024 at the Paris Nord Villepinte. Organisers are very happy with early registrations and the general enthusiasm for the major fashion event. At present, the country does not have Covid-19 restrictions. 


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Premiere Vision 2022

The 2022 Winter edition of Premiere Vision was held as a hybrid event. It included a digital platform as well as a face-to-face trade show. Over 74,600 trade visitors attended, with 60% of them representing foreign nations. There were also 1,080 exhibitors, including 63 new arrivals from 41 different countries.

The 2022 Summer edition of Premiere Vision was hosted as a hybrid event. It comprised a physical trade fair and a digital platform. The hosting dates for the rendition were between 04.07.2022 and 08.07.2022. The face-to-face aspect took place between 05.07.2022-07.07.2022, and it was hosted at the Paris Nord Villepinte. The site did not incorporate Covid-19 safety measures due to the removal of the related domestic restrictions. Premiere Vision 2022 Summer featured over 23,000 attendees and 1,190 exhibitors.

Premiere Vision 2023

The 2023 winter edition of Premiere Vision took place between 07.02.2023 and 09.02.2023 as a face-to-face trade fair. Paris Nord Villepinte, the hosting location for the rendition and the presentation stage of the 1246 exhibitors from 44 countries and 34,550 visitors from 118 nations, 70% from abroad, did not include Covid-19 safety measures. This is due to the removal of the country's domestic pandemic-related restrictions.

The 2023 summer edition of Premiere Vision was held in a live trade fair format at Paris Nod Villepinte. The hosting dates were set between 04.07.2023 and 06.07.2023. The edition received 1,310 exhibitors and 5,000 respondent attendees. 

Premiere Vision 2024

The 2024 February edition of Premiere Vision took place as a live trade fair in Paris Nord Villepinte between 06.02.2024 and 08.02.2024. The edition was attended by approximately 1,200 exhibitors from 42 countries. 

Premiere Vision is held twice a year in Paris, France and the fashion trade fair runs for a total of four days at Paris Nord Villepinte. Editions are scheduled every February and September, offering new designs and materials to professional visitors and buyers. Currently, the international trade fair is run as a hybrid fair with a digital program scheduled for six days around the physical dates. Opening hours are set for 09:00 in the morning until 18:30 in the evening. PREMIERE VISION is the official organiser managing the edition. Reaching Paris Nord Villepinte is quite easy whether you are staying in the city or close to Charles-de-Gaulle Airport. There are airport shuttles that go to the exhibition centres. You have your choice between Air France coaches, Porte Maillot shuttles and Beauvais Airport shuttles. In addition, you can grab the RER B to get to the exhibition grounds.

  • A well-developed digital platform. COVID-19 has inspired organisers to fully embrace the virtual reality phenomenon. This not only includes a digital week running alongside the main in-person event, but also a 3D forum, which you can walk virtually. Visit everything from last edition’s Fanciful Flair and review materials as if you were there. 
  • Opportunities to win awards and gain brand recognition on an international scale. If you’re new talent looking to make their mark, the NextGen Awards are the perfect way to rise to the top through innovation and creative thoughts. However, the true glory is found at the PV Awards, which have categories for fabrics and leathers.

Now it’s time to dive into the numbers and see what makes Premiere Vision stay at the top. First, there are over 1200 international suppliers at the event, and together they give visitors the chance to go through 40,000 products in person. There’s a high level of internationality, as more than 50 countries represent the best in manufacturing. As a result, the audience has grown to 60,000 trade visitors and that number continues climbing up. Around 75% are foreign and evaluate Premiere Vision as crucial for their business dealing. There are professionals from every corner of the industry – buyers, designers of ready-to-wear brands and accessories, luxury houses and fashion company executives. As a result, you’re in a fruitful environment to connect with people at every level and generate valuable sales leads. It’s also common to see buyers place large orders then and there.

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