23 Jun 2022

5 More Massive Metalworking Trade Fairs to Consider

5 More Massive Metalworking Trade Fairs to Consider

As we touched in the previous article, metalworking has entered a whole new era and major trade fairs drive forth innovation and draft the blueprints of what’s to come next. That’s why we decided to expand our list with metalworking trade fairs and touch up on other trends that are set to take over the industry as a whole. We began with talk about automation and digitization. Part of these processes also includes upgrades done to security.

Introducing digital technologies to metal fabrication opens up manufacturers to cyberthreats such as data theft or a targeted attack. Prior to 2020, data shows that close to 90% of manufacturing executives have reported cyber-attacks. IBM has famously stated that manufacturing is one of the most frequently hacked industries in the world. As a result, demands for cybersecurity have increased. That’s one of the main engines behind change.

Another transformative trend that’s picking up speed is the rapid rise of 3D printing and additive manufacturing as a cornerstone of metal fabrication and metalworking. 3D printers have long since graduated from being tools for hobbyists and found their calling as a precision tool with virtually no limitations for what it can do. At the same time, additive manufacturing introduces a level of customization that’s never been available before. An added bonus – these technologies allow for the industry to produce as previously without material waste.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the new niches opened up in front of manufacturers. Where else do you get to experience new technologies first hand than at trade fairs and exhibitions? We’ve prepared five more first-class events peppered throughout Europe.

South in Italy, there’s EMO Milano that brings to Milan the entire value chain of metalworking every two years. EMO Milano fully embraces new technologies and this is best seen in what the trade fair organises for exhibitors and visitors. To directly address digitization, organisers have put together a special exhibition area called EMO Digital. Additive manufacturing also has its specific show area to allow effective networking. New companies also grab their moment in the spotlight by participating in the EMO Start-Up zone. In operation since 1975, EMO Milano still proves why it’s so relevant!

Let’s travel to Essen, Germany for SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, which is an old favourite for professionals in the joining, cutting and coating. The trade show has been running since 1952 and is held only once every four years, which makes it decidedly unique in the world of metalworking. Because of its scheduling, people in the know often call it the “Olympics of Welding Technology”. The exhibition space is divided into Welding & Joining, Cutting, Surface Technology & Coating, Gas, Supplies & Filler Materials, Equipment & Safety, Quality Assurance, and Services & Digitalisation. Editions are always packed and generate a lot of business for everyone involved. Plus, you can be certain each edition is completely unique.

Another major trade fair in Essen is METPACK, which covers major trends and achievements in metal packaging. Every three years, exhibitors showcase their latest offerings in processing, printing, manufacturing, nonferrous metals, steel and iron, tubes, cans, caps and drums. It’s a much more niche event with a smaller audience, but nonetheless a very worthwhile experience in order to experience more of the world of metalworking.

While in Germany, let’s take a look at EUROGUSS running out of Nuremberg every two years. It’s a much younger event compared to the ones above since it was first held in 1996 and focuses entirely on the die casting industry. The products on display capture every related group from CAD systems, CAM systems, alloys and control systems to hardening systems, industrial robots, ladles, die casting agents, instrumentation, foundry tools, furnaces, and the list seems endless. It’s one of the most effective B2B sourcing platforms and introduces exhibitors to qualified buyers in great numbers.

Over in Düsseldorf, GIFA debuts the latest technological processes and equipment in the casting technology and foundry sectors. Although specialised, the trade show still manages to command a large audience thanks in part to its co-location with NEWCAST, THERMPROCESS and METEC. Together these four events showcase the best of solutions for metalworking and manufacturing. In addition to a comprehensive product portfolio, you encounter a thriving support programme with talks and forums on innovations in control systems, automation and sustainability.

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