28 Oct 2022

SIAL 2022 – The Food & Beverage Industry Unites the World in Flavours Once Again

SIAL 2022 – The Food & Beverage Industry Unites the World in Flavours Once Again

SIAL 2022 has already made its return to North Paris-Villepinte Exposition Park in Paris, France and there’s a flurry of activity swiping the exhibition halls as we speak.

The massive international trade fair for the foods & beverages industry is back after four years due to the pandemic to much success. Nicolas Trentesaux, CEO, SIAL Network, shares the news that SIAL 2022 has reached pre-pandemic numbers with 7,000 companies exhibiting currently. They represent every food group (canned goods, confectionery, spices, spirits, vegetables, milk, food supplements, meat products, frozen foods, fruit juices) and machinery and equipment.

It’s still early to announce how many trade visitors are present but the SIAL team expects them to reach 310,000 international trade visitors. It’s to restart the industry in earnest and you can see this in the tagline for the event - “Own the change”. Work needs to be done in the current climate with COVID accelerating certain trends. Plus, the outlook is that 10 billion people will need food by 2040, which comes with significant challenges not just to increase food production, but to do it in an environmentally friendly and ethical way.

The Best Environment to Grow Your Business

SIAL supercharges your business thanks to its superior infrastructure as a B2B platform. The well-segmented layout, guided tours and plentiful networking features makes it easy to reach buyers and convert leads to sales. Plus, you’re able to tap into the whole world. We’re not exaggerating as the 2018 edition had over 180 countries represented and this featured 135 official international delegations. You have so many opportunities to connect with buyers and increase visibility. The buyers you meet? Walmart, Carrefour, Tesco, Elior, Sodexo and Consumer Goods Forum.

SIAL spends a lot of time on presenting the newest food trends, launching products and sharing expert knowledge. Are you a startup? You’re well taken care of at SIAL Start-up in Hall 6. This special area highlights French and international start-ups doing groundbreaking work across the entire value chain. It’s not just about new products. These startups are working hard to deliver on the promise of zero waste policies in restaurants and figure out how to make food delivery green.

Image: SIAL Paris

Take an Informed Look into the Next Stage of Innovation

SIAL Innovation sets the trends that sweep the industry by storm. The special area dedicated to food trends and innovations is located in Hall 6 and presents innovative exhibitors with the right resources to sell, connect and raise their business profile. SIAL Innovation was introduced first in 1996 and has since then been a surefire hit with buyers. It’s a central platform for invention, transition, re-invention and foresight. You also have to take into consideration the concentration by industry journalists who are eager to break the next big story.

Only select exhibitors are able to receive the honour of using the "SIAL Innovation" logo, which further boosts your chances at generates press and sales leads. Of course, the SIAL INNOVATION competition receives a lot of attention from the community, and the race towards the top spot has never been easy. You have the best of the best from as far as rta, Canada, China, USA and India. Out of the 2355 products presented to the jury a little over 800 are selected to compete for the 3 award winning spots, though in 2022 a new category has been announced – the Public Prize, which is decided by industry professionals.

The 2022 Awards have already been announced:

  • Gold Award: IO’Dés, by Zalg in the Frozen Products Product Sector;
  • Silver Award: Fresh Frozen Wolffia, by Thai Coconut Public Company Limited in the Fruits & Vegetables Product Sector;
  • Bronze Award: Maté Taragüi First Experience Kit, by Establecimiento Las Marias in the Non-alcoholic Beverages Product Sector;
  • Public Prize: La Truitelle, by La Truitelle in the Meat & Fish Product Sector;

What We’ll Eat in 2030 as Revealed in the Future Lab

Future Lab is one of the premiere supporting events during SIAL and the 2022 edition has sets it eyes on the future food trends of 2030. The event is taking place in the Gallery Hall 6 and gives pioneering experts and companies the stage to chart out a probable version of the future in the next decade. You’ll see emerging trends in their final form and the format immerses you into that future. Right now we know that the programme revolves around three major pillars:

• Agriculture 2030: The biggest topic here is how to grow foods with minimal impact on the environment as well as people’s health. With the population still growing, there are also concerns about quantity and quality. Listen to experts dive into concerns and solutions.
• Retail 2030: We’re already deep into a revolution spurred on by the pandemic. Groceries are delivered more frequently, which prompts the question - what will the store of tomorrow look like? You’ll find answers covering the processing chain starting with inventory management all the way through the consumer experience and the final purchase.
• Dining 2030: The final area here is the topic of culinary trends. What foods and cooking practices will come on top? How will we eat whether that’s in our homes and in restaurants?

Image: SIAL Paris

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