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Agriculture, Horticulture, Gardening
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2 years


It’s with a heavy heart that organisers have shared the news AGRIBEX 2021 will be officially cancelled due to the rise in COVID-19 infection rates. Travel will be made difficult and because the event is open to the public makes it unsafe for visitors to attend. FEDERATION FEDAGRIM has decided against postponing for the near future. Instead, AGRIBEX will return to Brussels, Belgium in 2023 during its traditional slot in December. Currently, the official dates are set for 6.12.2023 to 10.12.2023. We will keep you updated. In any case, Brussels Expo has been compliant with federal government directives on proper coronavirus preventive measures like crowd control, sanitation, and masking. Visitors who want to enter must show a Covid-19 Safe Ticket.


You can say AGRIBEX is the beating heart of the agriculture sector in Belgium. It’s been going from strength to strength since 1958 and has morphed into a more international trade show. The focus has also broadened a lot to not just arable farming and livestock but also garden and green zones. AGRIBEX has perhaps one of the best product portfolios out there. Buyers come to scout the latest models in tractors and combines, trailers & semi-trailers, tractors, electrical equipment, repair, processing of meat & milk products, crawlers and wheeled tractors, fertilizers, chemicals and agricultural machinery. Based on this list you can see just how important AGRIBEX is. Not just for buyers looking for a one-stop purchasing platform, but also for farmers to research what’s new and network. It’s not a coincidence that AGRIBEX has earned itself the title of Belgium’s largest indoor professional trade fair for the agricultural and green sector.


Editions of AGRIBEX arrive towards the end of the year (late December) in order to arm farmers with the equipment and right tools to prepare for the next year. The international trade show calls Brussels Expo its home and runs for a total of five days. The duration helps exhibitors meet with as many trade visitors as possible and the general public to see the animals and enjoy the show. FEDERATION FEDAGRIM is the official organiser for the event. Working hours start at 10:00 in the morning and end at 18:00 in the evening. Be sure to check for any changes when Ladies’ Day and Professional Day are held during the first two days. Brussels Expo sits in a favorable spot in the city. The metro (line 6) is your fastest way to getting to the exhibition grounds. But you can still catch multiple tram (3, 7, 51 & 93) and bus (83) lines to get there from any point in the city! 

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor 

• AGRIBEX provides visitors ample opportunities to learn and some of the resources are available for home consumption. There’s a list of podcasts available, which dive deep into a number of topics. 

• The Live Workshop is going to be a practically oriented event for the agricultural mechanic profession. 

• There’s also the rich programme for Precision Farming, which tackles farming in the age of climate change. Topics include solving the issues surrounding soil compaction and the effective fertilization using animal manure. The event will also have a networking part and a workshop. 

Audience & Statistics 

AGRIBEX is definitely one of the busiest trade shows out there, because during its five days the halls receive foot traffic from 100,000 visitors in total. That’s a lot of people. Because it’s a mixed event, the greater number of these are public visitors like school groups, parents with small kids and other interested individuals. They come to see the animals, do a little bit of shopping from local farmers and maybe even learn a thing or two. The rest are here to see the booths of the 340 exhibitors. Professionally speaking there are mostly farmers, contractors and representatives of the supply industry, but exhibitors can also come in contact with government representatives and even researchers. The Professional Day attracts young talent with an ambition to break into the industry. The majority of trade visitors are based in Belgium, but the number of foreign visitors is steadily on the rise and come from Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. 


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Previous Renditions

Edition 2021

Agribex 2021 took place as a face-to-face exhibition at Brussels Expo. It received 297 exhibitors, with the venue featuring Covid=19 safety measures such as mandatory face masks. 

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How to get to Agribex
On foot
On foot:

Not advisable when travelling from Brussels Airport (BRU)

Not advisable when travelling from Brussels Central Station


By car
By car:

10 mins when travelling from Brussels Airport (BRU)

15 mins when travelling from Brussels Central Station

By public transport
By public transport:

55 mins when travelling from Brussels Airport (BRU)

45 mins when travelling from Brussels Central Station



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