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The Latest News for BIOFACH

The leading trade fair for organic produce will return to Messe Nuremberg as a live event from 14.02.2023 to 17.02.2023. It will take place in conjunction with VIVANESS 2023. The organising committee is dedicated to creating a safe event concept. This currently does not include installing rigorous Covid-19 preventative measures. This is due to the Bundestag, Germany's governmental body, removing the related domestic restrictions at the beginning of April 2022 as a result of the improving pandemic situation. Likewise, the country currently does not have travel limitations in place.

BIOFACH in Brief

BIOFACH is the showcase platform for the organic industry and has been an industry staple since 1990. The annual editions are held in Nuremberg alongside VIVANESS. The trade fair which takes place at Messe Nuremberg offers various opportunities. Such include learning about the latest innovations, challenges, and market developments. They also include networking with leading industry experts and raising brand awareness. Additionally, BIOFACH provides opportunities to present innovations from the full food line-up. This includes frozen foods, fruits, meat, and vegetables. Additionally, it features baked goods, beverages, dairy products, confectionery, delicatessen, and fish. 

Who Attends BIOFACH?

BIOFACH’s partner associations include the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. Its media partners feature the EXPORT MAGAZINE. BIOFACH’s leading exhibitors vary from certification companies to leading manufacturers. For instance, the 2022 edition features ProNatura and Smart Organic GmbH. The exhibitor list also includes state agencies like the Albanian Investment Development Agency. Leading experts that attend include Mogens Jensen and Georg Eckert. NGOs that take part include Organic Denmark.

Professionals that attend BIOFACH include:

  • Processors
  • Producers
  • Manufacturers
  • Providers
  • Distributors and retailers
  • Cooperatives
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Association representatives
  • Certification companies
  • Publishers
  • Company owners
  • Managers
  • Policymakers and NGOs
  • Purchasing agents

Industries that attend include:

  • Education
  • Distribution
  • Pet food
  • Food and beverage
  • Environmental
  • Catering
  • Import/export
  • Personal services
  • Agriculture
  • Packaging
  • Media
  • Hospitality
  • Wholesale
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Cosmetics

BIOFACH Highlights

BIOFACH is one of the central trade fairs for the organic sector. It features a detailed event schedule. One of the main sub-events is the BIOFACH Congress. It is the meeting location for policymakers, researchers, stakeholders, and manufacturers. The congress allows participants to learn about the latest challenges in the industry. They can also study the latest research publications. In addition, attendees can learn about the new market trends. By attending as speakers, they can also gain recognition. 

The BIOFACH Congress consists of 45-minute sessions. These can occur in one of four formats. The formats are known as discussion, fishbowl, workshop, and information. The Discussion format features one or more lecturers presenting up to 30-minute presentations. Once all the speakers have contributed, the audience can begin to discuss the topic. Often, this type of session format discusses the current industry challenges. The information format also features speakers presenting the topic before an audience. Yet, the expert panel is limited to three members, each presenting a keynote speech of up to five minutes. During the remaining time, attendees can answer comprehension questions. Workshops likewise included up to three speakers presenting 5-minute keynotes. Yet, its main difference is that participants can use the remaining time for discussions. The fishbowl type of session also includes an expert panel of up to three speakers. Yet, unlike the previous formats, the speakers are located in the centre of the meeting room. The format additionally includes a guest chair for contributors. 

The BIOFACH Congress often coincides with the six specialist Forums. The Forums are known as BIOFACH, Politics, Science, Agriculture, Fachhandel, and Sustainability. Each of the forums focuses on a specific group of participants and topics. For instance, Sustainability focuses on topics such as value-chain resilience. It is the main sub-event for conservation organisations, environmental experts and key researchers. Likewise, the Politics Forum places focus on thematics such as new regulatory challenges. It is the meeting hub for policymakers, state agencies, and industry operators. This includes agencies such as the European Organic Certifying Council. 

NGOs and policymakers frequently attend the BIOFACH Forum as well. This is due to the sub-event allowing them to discuss some of the most urgent industry topics. An example subject is how to adapt the industry to a post-Covid-19-pandemic world. Specialised organic traders and impulse givers attend the Fachhandel Forum, a German-language-only sub-event. During this Forum, participants discuss challenges such as creating a collaborative environment. 

The Science Forum attracts key scientists, practitioners, and consultants. During the Forum, attendees debate the latest challenges related to five sector aspects. The aspects are agriculture, processing, food quality, marketing, and commerce. An example of a discussion topic is the scientific controversies surrounding NPBTs. The latest research results and practical ways of implementing them are also discussed. The Agriculture Forum attracts farmers, stakeholders, company owners, and research specialists. This is due to the Forum allowing them to discuss important agricultural challenges. For instance, participants may discuss how to improve the competitiveness of organic producers. 

BIOFACH also features a series of special shows. These enable participants to network, present innovative wares, and raise brand awareness. There are three special shows, each focusing on a different type of presented product:

  • Experience the World of VEGAN
  • Experience the World of OLIVEOIL 
  • Experience the World of Wine

Experience the World of VEGAN is a special show that focuses on the newest vegan products. This includes wares such as protein alternatives. The presentations occur via a detailed sub-programme comprised of cooking shows, focus presentations, and discussions. This allows attendants to gain recognition and attract new clients. The special show receives participants such as HO.RE.CA representatives. Experience the World of OLIVEOIL focuses on olive oils in all their diversity. It is the gathering location for manufacturers, buyers, and traders. During the show, attendees can examine the latest olive oil products. The special show features a sub-programme including the Olive Oil Award contest. The Olive Oil Award lauds the top thirty best products. Experience the World of Wine is the networking location for wine producers. It also attracts visitors, such as restaurateurs. 

The special shows often coincide with the detailed three-day exhibition. This is due to the exposition allowing the participants to reach a broader audience. The exhibition can aid in achieving such a goal because of its ten showcase groups. This allows attendants to easily find the wares that interest them. Additionally, attendees can opt to examine a particular market sector. The exhibition also promotes making important purchases or creating new partnerships. This is due to visitors being able to examine the wares before scheduling meetings. The exposition groups and their related product groups include:

  • Raw materials and supplies
  • Technology and equipment
  • Media, service providers
  • Grocery products: snacks and sweets
  • Grocery products - cooking and baking
  • Other grocery products
  • Grocery products - drinks
  • Fresh food
  • Frozen food
  • Non-food

Start-ups can gain recognition and network via three other sub-events. These are the: 

  • Young Innovative Companies Pavilion
  • Novelty Stand includes the Best New Product Award competition
  • Generation Future Network Hub

The Young Innovative Companies Pavilion is among the main micro-events for German new businesses. It serves as the presentation stage for up to 25 such participants. At the Pavilion, the companies can present their innovative wares and network. This in turn allows them to expand their business and increase their chances of success. The Novelty Stand resembles in some aspects the Young Companies Pavilion. It allows start-ups to gain recognition and network. Yet, the Novelty Stand enables new businesses from all countries in the industry to take part. Among the recommended micro-events they should take part in while attending is the Best New Product Award competition. It is a competition that lauds innovative products with the most positive impressions. Seven categories are available during the competition including:

  • Other Grocery Products
  • Non-food
  • Fresh Food
  • Drinks
  • Frozen Food
  • Grocery products - Cooking & Baking
  • Grocery products - Snacks & Sweets

Aspiring professionals should also consider attending the Generation Future Network Hub. So should students and job applicants. The Hub features a sub-programme that includes a career centre and a job market. It also includes the Organic Food Industry Research Award. The market and the centre allow participants to seek job openings. The Award can provide recent graduates and students with recognition. It lauds dissertations or theses that have been completed in collaboration with processing companies. 

Industries that should consider attending BIOFACH include::

  • Food & Beverage 
  • Personal Services
  • Agriculture
  • Packaging
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Media
  • Ho.RE.CA

What Type of Audiences and Industries Attend BIOFACH?

BIOFACH is a trade fair with great business potential. This is due to its over 50,000 participants. It is a trade fair that attracts a diverse group of attendees. These range from media representatives to non-government organisations. Its annual editions often feature more than 3,000 exhibitors. Examples include the 2020 rendition, which featured 3.792 exhibiting companies. Nations that attend include Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, and France. 

Logistics Details Regarding BIOFACH and Nuremberg

BIOFACH takes place on an annual basis for four days in February. NürnbergMesse GmbH serves as the organiser and the venue. Visitors can attend the trade fair at Messe Nuremberg from 09:00 until 18:00. The only exception is the last day when the closing hour is set at 17:00.

Messe Nuremberg is among Germany's highest-ranking exhibition centres. Among the reasons for the event venue’s high ranking is its accessibility. Messe Nuremberg is an event location that is easy to reach from all city areas. This allows you to save time when commuting to the venue to attend BIOFACH. For instance, metro line 10 allows you to access the messe from the central train station in 10 minutes. This is due to the line having a stop next to the venue. Likewise, the metro lines U2 and U1 allow you to access the messe in 28 minutes from Nuremberg Airport. 

Nuremberg is a popular tourist city with extensive lodging and dining options. For instance, you can opt to book accommodation at one of the city’s various hotels or hostels. Likewise, there are a variety of apartments and guesthouses. Nuremberg features a diverse range of eateries, including restaurants, bars, brasseries, and clubs. Beer gardens, bakeries, cafés, and breweries are also available. Also, Nuremberg is a city that is easy to access. For instance, you can reach the urban centre in 14 minutes via the bus line ICE509 from Erlangen. Likewise, Nuremberg is available from Schwabach via the bus lines Rb16 and RE60. The commuting time in such cases is 11 minutes. Among the recommended areas to seek accommodation or dine in is the Alstadt.

How Can Trade Fair Trips Ltd Help You?

Trade Fair Trips Ltd can help with your travel arrangements. This is because of our extensive experience in arranging hotel accommodation. This will enable you to concentrate on conducting business at BIOFACH. You are guaranteed to receive the best hotel prices. This is because our reservation agents will provide you with a variety of excellent hotel offers at competitive rates. The location of your hotel is important to the success of your business trip. This is why we concentrate on hotels near Messe Nuremberg. We can also aid you in several other ways. This includes handling meeting facility reservations. Also, we have experience in coordinating the setup of your trade show booth.

BIOFACH Past Editions 

2022 Edition

The BIOFACH 2022 edition marked the successful return of the event's live editions. It was hosted in conjunction with VIVANESS 2022 as a one-time Summer Edition from July 26th to July 29th, 2022. Over 24,000 trade visitors from 137 countries attended the events, as did 2,276 exhibitors from 94 nations. The trade shows were hybrids, with face-to-face events supplemented by digital platforms. The trade fairs' face-to-face aspects were hosted in Messe Nuremberg, which did not have Covid-19 safeguards. This was because the country lifted national restrictions in previous months because of the improving pandemic situation.

2021 Edition

A total of 136 countries attended the 2021 edition of BIOFACH. The event took place in a digital format because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The digital hosting platform received 1,442 exhibitors and 13,800 visitors.

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