Exhibitions in Verona, Italy for Building & Construction

The building and construction industry in Verona has one big contribution to the entirety of Italian construction and that’s SaMoTer. As Italy's premier trade fair, it’s an institution dedicated to the realm of construction equipment. First held in 1964 at Veronafiere, its inception aimed to carve out a distinctive space within the Italian exhibition landscape with a focus on the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises in the sector. It has since blown up not just locally but internationally as a reliable platform to showcase high-quality products and curate an enriching program of training activities. The objectives are clear – offer robust support for industry needs, foster new business forms alongside established channels, and unveil novel initiatives, innovations and formats. SaMoTer Day is an annual congregation immersing participants in the world of construction equipment and building machinery. More than just an event, it's a platform for companies to delve into market data and trends, both in Italy and globally. The last edition delivered a presentation of the annual report on the global earth-moving machinery market, which came with a comprehensive analysis of market trends and prospects in the construction market for the next two years. Anchoring the forward-looking spirit of SaMoTer is the SaMoTer Outlook observatory, which is a collaborative effort with Prometeia and insights from Unacea. This observatory equips industry stakeholders with tools to dissect the current scenario in the construction sector and project forecasts for the near future. Divided into three areas with a focus on regular monitoring and publications, SaMoTer Outlook provides a panoramic view of global sales results of earth-moving machinery and insightful analysis on market trends and short to medium-term prospects. In a post-COVID world, SaMoTer is even more important as it guides the construction industry and shapes its trajectory!

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