Exhibitions in Sweden for Building & Construction

Sweden’s building and construction sector has been an overall economic powerhouse, generating a turnover of approximately SEK 800 billion. Within this thriving industry, civil engineering is leading the pack as it boasts a turnover of around SEK 175 billion. A closer look at the market gives insights into the key players and economic factors shaping the industry's landscape. The Swedish Transport Administration emerges as a pivotal player as it wields substantial influence by contributing around SEK 57 billion. This constitutes roughly 30% of the turnover within the civil engineering market. The total building investments, encompassing new constructions, civil engineering projects and conversions collectively reach SEK 600 billion. Recent years have seen civil engineering investments consistently hitting an annual turnover of approximately SEK 120 billion, according to Byggföretagen. This category spans beyond traditional roads and railways to include diverse projects such as power stations, district heating plants, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and structural engineering linked to post, transportation and telecommunications. Moreover, a substantial allocation, estimated between SEK 55 to 65 billion annually, goes into maintaining and repairing existing facilities, which brings the total construction market turnover to around SEK 175 billion. The economic climate significantly impacts building investments as it creates a ripple effect on civil engineering projects. After a period of ascending construction investments, the industry faces a shift in economic conditions. Escalating inflation, accompanied by increased costs for materials, fuel and electricity, coupled with a notable surge in interest rates, has cast a shadow on the sector’s demand. The transformation in the economic landscape initiated in 2022 is expected to manifest more prominently in 2023. Further market reports will explore this process. In navigating these challenges, Sweden's building and construction industry will likely undergo adaptive measures in order to ensure resilience and sustainability in the face of evolving economic dynamics.

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