Exhibitions in UAE for Building & Construction

In the face of global challenges, the UAE’s building and construction industry is not only bouncing back but flourishing. It marked a remarkable chapter in its growth trajectory that’s not to be ignored in the slightest. Recent data reveals135% year-on-year growth in project announcements, which have catapulted from AED 21 billion to AED 49.25 billion in the same quarter. While the world grapples with the aftermath of the pandemic, the UAE’s construction sector remains ever resilient. Project awards have surged by 47%, reaching an impressive AED 49.22 billion compared to AED 33.46 billion the previous year. This surge not only reflects the sector’s robust recovery but also signals substantial investments in the country's infrastructure. Avin Gidwani, CEO of BNC Network, shares his enthusiasm for the industry’s revival. He states, “We are witnessing an exciting growth trajectory in the UAE's construction sector.” However, it is paramount to mention that the boom in construction is done in alignment with the international climate goals. You see this in the GCC Energy Index. The positive momentum extends beyond construction with the GCC Energy Index recording 46.7% year-on-year growth. This underscores the region’s pursuit of sustainable energy development, which befits UAE even more so in its role as the host of COP 28. Dubai, a standout player in the building resurgence, is taking center stage with plans for numerous sustainability projects and initiatives by marrying digital technologies with sustainable building practices and new materials. UAE is a country in the process of being built and the plan is to do it right from the first time. Dubai is planned to be an example for the region but positions Dubai as a global leader in sustainable urban development. The construction boom, coupled with a focus on sustainability, heralds an exciting new era for the UAE's construction landscape.

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