Exhibitions in UAE for Aerospace, Airport Technology

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is more than a cultural and architectural hotspot. The country is pushing towards innovation across all industries, and aerospace and aviation are no exception to this long-term strategy. With a growing demand for aircraft equipment, parts and services, the UAE has solidified its position as a key player in the world of civil and military aircraft. The UAE’s civil aviation sector has experienced consistent growth over the past few decades and has even outpaced other regional markets. This achievement is a result of substantial government investments in aerospace infrastructure and development. The country’s strategic location further elevates its aerospace pedigree. Positioned to connect nearly two-thirds of the global population within an eight-hour flight, the UAE has become an international hub for air travel. At the heart of this aviation revolution stands Dubai International Airport, the third-busiest airport globally. In 2017, it welcomed 90 million passengers. To keep up with rising demand, Dubai embarked on a visionary expansion of the Al Maktoum International Airport. This ambitious project is designed to cater to 160 million passengers and handle 16 million tons of cargo every year. With five runways, it’s actively inviting airlines and operators to join. The Middle East’s business aviation sector is also on an upward trajectory. By 2018, it reached a remarkable of $1 billion (one of the quickest jumps in history), and in 2020, over 1375 business jets were registered. This highlighted the high demand for luxury travel in the country as well as the surrounding region. You can confidently say that the business of flying is thriving in the UAE. The UAE's meteoric rise is projected to continue even amidst the multiple challenges posed by the pandemic. As the global demand for air travel and aviation services continues to soar, the UAE's aerospace sector is well-poised to reach even greater heights.

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