Exhibitions in Turkey for Power & Energy

Türkiye is Europe’s sixth-largest electricity market and the 14th largest globally with an electric power generation capacity of approximately 105 GW. The quickly growing energy giant is making significant strides towards renewable energy, with 56% of its power generation capacity derived from renewable sources. This includes hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass power plants, positioning Türkiye as the fifth-largest generator of renewable energy in Europe and the 11th largest worldwide. Currently, Türkiye's installed capacity includes 31.6 GW of hydroelectric, 25.75 GW of natural gas (NG), 21.3 GW of coal, 11.45 GW of wind, 9.93 GW of solar, 1.7 GW of geothermal, and approximately 2 GW of biomass power. This diverse energy mix ensures that the power and energy industry in Türkiye is stable and largely independent. Türkiye’s 2020–2035 National Energy Plan outlines an ambitious roadmap for the future. By 2035, the country's power generation capacity is projected to reach 189.7 GW, marking a 79% increase from 2023. The plan envisions a significant boost in renewable energy’s share to 64.7%, with solar power capacity set to increase by 432% and wind capacity by 158%. In line with these developments, Türkiye is also advancing its nuclear energy capabilities. The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, constructed by Russian company Rosatom, will feature four 1.2 GW units, with the first unit expected to be operational by late 2023. However, supply chain issues and sanctions on Russia may delay the project's full completion until 2026. Other planned nuclear projects in Sinop and Thrace have stalled, but the country remains committed to expanding its nuclear footprint. Türkiye has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2053. This includes support for nuclear energy projects on a build-operate-transfer (BOT) or build-own-operate (BOO) basis, with government-backed power purchase guarantees offering high feed-in tariffs until debt recovery.

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