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Berlin ,Germany
Aerospace & Airport Technology
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2 years


ILA occupies a very specific place in the history of aviation in Germany and Europe, because it’s existed since the dawn of aviation. The very first edition took place in 1909 and has only grown since these humble beginnings and has broken the news for the biggest innovations in aviation for over a century. It’s no surprise to say that the product portfolio extends to space technology, defense technology, power units, engines, components, advanced materials, electronic systems, maintenance. That’s the full value chain, but we also can’t forget the remarkable lineup of aircraft. Visitors can walk among 200 machines, which span helicopters, civil and military unmanned aircraft systems, and commercial air transport


ILA takes the stage in Berlin, Germany every two years and editions tend to fall on even years. Each edition takes place somewhere around spring (most often in May) and run for a total of five days. The aviation exhibition is the brainchild of Messe Berlin with generous support from BDLI, which is one of Germany’s biggest associations for the aviation industry. Proceedings naturally take place at the Berlin ExpoCenter Airport and working hours are from 10:00 am in the morning until 18:00 pm in the afternoon, but be sure to check for any planned changes for the programming. This location of Messe Berlin neighbors the Berlin International Airport, which means that there are multiple transportation options. You can directly come after landing on the airport, drive there or take any of the public transport lines.

What Are People Saying?

“ILA gives us a great opportunity to discuss both problems and challenges ahead of us and the solutions that we have to offer,” Alastair McIntosh, Managing Director at Rolls Royce Deutschalnd;

“ILA is where we as Thales meet our customers, our civil customers as well as military customers and political stakeholders,” Dr. Christoph Hoppe, CEO, Thales Deutschland;

“ILA is an excellent opportunity for us to address all our products and all our capabilities to the relevant target groups,” Rainer von Borstel, CEO, Diehl Aviation;

“The responsibility to bring people together, to fulfil their dream of discovering the world and for sustainability,” Dr. Johannes Bussmann, CEO, LH Technik.

Audience & Statistics

ILA bridges the professional interest in the aviation business with the enthusiasm of the general public for all planes and flying crafts together, which has resulted in a steady growth in attendance. Currently editions are frequented by some 180,000 international visitors, which comes to see the products, planes and equipment showcased by some 1110 international exhibitors. This is all good for business as you get to establish your name with the general public, while conducting business as the highest level. If we’re to look a little deeper into the professional background of visitors, we see a detailed picture consisting of military and ministry representation, experts and suppliers, and senior management and key stakeholders. That alone is worth your participation as an exhibitor.


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How to get to ILA
On foot
On foot:

Berlin-Tegel Airport – not advisable

Berlin Central Station – not advisable


By car
By car:

Berlin-Tegel Airport – 40 mins via A100 and A113

Berlin Central Station – 45 mins via A113


By public transport
By public transport:

Berlin-Tegel Airport – 1hr15mins via transports 109 and RE7

Berlin Central Station – 30 mins via RE7


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