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IWA OutdoorClassics

IWA OutdoorClassics

Nurnberg, Germany
Sports, Horses, Hunting, Fishing, Yachting
Nurnberg Messe GmbH
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Event website:
IWA OutdoorClassics
1 year

IWA OutdoorClassics and Covid-19

NürnbergMesse GmbH will host the IWA OutdoorClassics as a face-to-face trade fair in 2023. The dates have been set for 02.03.2023 to 05.03.2023. Covid-19 protective measures will be put in place in Messe Nuremberg. The 3G entry rule, as well as social distancing regulations, will be implemented as part of the safety plan. Attendees must maintain a certain social distance during their visit and avoid physical forms of networking such as handshakes when possible. They must also present documents such as vaccination passports, negative test results, or proof of recovery before entering the venue. Because of the travel prohibitions instated by the country's government, such documents must be shown upon arrival in Germany as well. This applies to all forms of transport, including aeroplanes, ferries, rail, and cars.


Have you the ambition to transform into a globe trendsetter in the field of nature activities and sports? Trade Fair Trips ltd recommend you attend IWA OutdoorClassics – one of the key events for the industry the best in equipment, functional clothing and hunting tools is being showcased to the biggest buyers in the industry.

IWA OutdoorClassics first opened its doors over forty years ago in 1974 and in that time has transformed into the beating pulse of the industry in Europe and beyond. As an exhibitor, you are joining an established community that represents the entire value chain wherever you might stand on it: hunting equipment, firearms and accessories, outdoor equipment or security equipment for civil and official agency purposes. 


IWA OutdoorClassics is an annual occurrence that normally takes place during the first half of the month of March. Editions run the course of four days in total in Nuremberg, Germany, with the general support of VDB (Association of German Gunsmiths and Gun Traders) and JSM (German Firearms and Ammunition Manufacturers Association). Messe Nuremberg is both the organiser and the host venue.

Open only to industry professionals, IWA OutdoorClassics welcomes trade visitors from 09:00 am until 18:00 pm for the first three days, and until 16:00 pm on the last day. As you can expect with a German city, there are numerous quick ways to get to Messe Nuremberg. The exhibition grounds are connected to the U1 metro line, and you also have regular service to and from the airport.

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor

  • IWA OutdoorClassics has 40 years of legacy under its belt, which means that all eyes in the industry are on it once it runs – for you this means increased visibility, coverage by the trade press and brand recognition;
  • With 122 countries represented, IWA OutdoorClassics opens doors to a lot of markets that you have never had the opportunity to approach, much less break into – identify brand-new channels to distribute your products and return home with sales leads;
  • IWA OutdoorClassics is, after all, a world leader for outdoor equipment. What this means for you is access to high calibre visitors and buyers that have been vetted and perform at the highest levels, which is more than beneficial to have in your professional network.

Audience & Statistics

IWA OutdoorClassics maintains a high level of engagement with last edition yielding over 1500 exhibitors and near 46,000 trade visitors, which as we have already discussed are very international in nature. Over 61% of all visitors are foreign nationals, which is excellent news for brands that have oriented themselves to extend their reach to new territories.

The main markets you tap into in Europe include the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, and Belgium. There is a variety in the type of professionals that attend with retail, wholesale and online trade taking the lead, which are then followed by police, customs and armed forces. The last group in size, but certainly not least important, is the service providers.


Make sure you have already booked a place to stay in Nuremberg, Germany ahead of time and leave the research to Trade Fair Trips Ltd. It can take you days to research affordable hotels for IWA OutdoorClassics on your own, when you can get all the competitive rates in one place in a single day.

Our team works with an extensive database of hotels, guest houses and residences in the city and can send you a custom-created list the very next day. Book hotels near Messe Nuremberg in no time and enjoy cuts on your travel costs. In addition to accommodation for trade fairs, Trade Fair Trips ltd can assist your work trip in other ways. You can place reservations on meeting rooms or have a team install your exhibition booth.

What Took Place During IWA OutdoorClassics’ Past Editions? 

2022 Edition

IWA OoutdoorClassics' 2022 edition signified the successful resumption of the hunting, shooting, and outdoor activities industry. It occurred as a face-to-face trade show hosted at Messe Nuremberg, between 03.03.2022 and 06.03.2022. The event venue featured the latest Covid-19 safety measures, such as the 3G entry policy and the obligation to wear masks. The event received 19,500 trade visitors from 111 countries and 865 exhibitors representing 53 countries.  

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How to get to IWA OutdoorClassics
On foot
On foot:

Not advisable when travelling from Nuremberg Airport

1 hr when travelling from the Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)

By car
By car:

30 mins when travelling from Nuremberg Airport

10 mins when travelling from Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)

By public transport
By public transport:

30 mins when travelling from Nuremberg Airport

10 mins when travelling from Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)

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