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Aqua Nor

Aqua Nor

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24 Aug 2021 - 27 Aug 2021
Norway , Trondheim

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The Nor-Fishing foundation

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Aqua Nor


2 years

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Aqua Nor is a crucial international trade fair for the aquaculture industry. For over 30 years now the event has been a major showcase platform for all products, services, technologies, research and development projects in the industry. Aqua Nor is must-attend event if you want to see the latest from the fields of aquaculture technology, fish feed, fish health, quality assurance, training, funding, fish farmer networks, grading, equipment, storage, processing, packaging and environmental protection.


  • More than 400 exhibitors from around the world.
  • Around 15,000-20,000 trade visitors, who are interested in purchases.
  • Many seminars, mini-conferences, lectures, debates and presentations.
  • A strong practical aspect to Aqua Nor thanks to the regular boat rides to the Trondheim Fjord to see companies at work.


Aqua Nor editions are held every two years in Trondheim, Norway with a consistent turnout and a program that spans four days in total. Editions are usually held at the height of summer at Trondheim Spektrum. The Nor-Fishing Foundation serves as the official organiser and visitors have access to the exhibition halls from 10:00 in the morning until 05:00 in the afternoon.

Audience and statistics

As we have mentioned above, Aqua Nor is already an established trade fair in Norway and it’s this history coupled with the comprehensive product overview that maintain its relevance today. But don’t think it’s all about the past. Organisers keep their eyes firmly ahead to the future, which can be seen materialized in the Innovation and Environment Awards, where it’s start-ups, engineers and suppliers who compete. Another commitment to the future is through the inclusion of Student Day in the program.

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