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Leipziger Buchmesse

Leipziger Buchmesse

Leipzig ,Germany
Books, Paper, Printing, Graphic Design
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Leipziger Messe
Event website
Event website :
Leipziger Buchmesse
1 year

Where the culture of publishing is concerned, Leipziger Buchmesse is the one international exhibition you should have on your radar no matter how you are involved in the sector. This is the event where you have access to thousands of books and technologies for printing and graphic design. As the name says, this event is being organized in Leipzig, Germany for four days. As more than 260,000 visitors are going to attend, it’s best you book your hotels for Leipziger Buchmesse as soon as today!

Beat the rush for accommodation in Leipzig and land the special offers for every price group first with Trade Fair Trips ltd. You specify the price range for your hotel rooms and give us directions where in the city you want to be located. The rest is up to us! Free your time and resources to give your attention to Leipziger Buchmesse in full. There will be more than 2250 exhibitors and an impressive collection of antiques from the 17th to the 20th century. It’s the perfect opportunity to network with collectors, translators, agents, publishers, illustrators and authors.

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