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Pferd Bodensee

Pferd Bodensee

Friedrichshafen, Germany
Sports, Horses, Hunting, Fishing, Yachting
Messe Friedrichshafen
Event website
Event website:
Pferd Bodensee
2 years

Pferd Bodensee Update

Pferd Bodensee 2022 has been delayed to October 2022. The event has been postponed because of trade fair bans implemented by the state of Baden-Württemberg. The hosting location for the event will be Messe Friedrichshafen in Germany and the hosting format will be face-to-face. The event venue will not implement strict Covid-19 safety measures due to the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions.

Prerd Bodensee Introduction

Whether you want to create connections with representatives of the well-known equestrian brands or to find professional stable and horse-stance equipment, Pferd Bodensee is the exhibition you shouldn’t miss. It will be held in Friedrichshafen and will give many experts the chance to see the latest trends in this noble sport. So, if you want to benefit from the opportunity to meet more than 300 exhibitors and over 22,000 visitors, you should visit the upcoming edition of Pferd Bodensee.

This trade fair will give you the opportunity to meet manufacturers of:

  • Equestrian clothing and equipments
  • Equestrian sport accessories
  • Stable equipment
  • Horse breeding and feeding equipments
  • Riding accessories

Because of the high interest in this well-known equestrian exhibition, you will need the assistance of a reputable travel agency to find suitable accommodation close to the venue. With Trade Fair Trips Ltd, you will be in a hotel that will fit all your needs and will exceed your expectations. Furthermore, in our desire to please every single customer, we also have reasonable rates and give various special offers. Start the hotel reservation process today, and allow our team to handle your business trip arrangements excellently!

Previous Editions


The 2022 edition of Pferd Bodensee, which was held in a face-to-face format between 14.10.2022 and 16.10.2022, attracted 30,400 participants and 262 horses. Due to the lifting of the pandemic-related limitations in the country, the venue, Messe Friedrichshafen, did not implement Covid-19 safety precautions.

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